Friday, February 13, 2009


In the combined classic words of two pop culture icons, RuPaul and Florida Evans:
"I have one thing to say: DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!!!!!!!!"
I will just leave it at that and leave you these pics to see for yourself. Praise Jesus and Halelu-yer.

Amazing Face - Ridge


Beautiful boy


Lord, this beyond gorgeous man had enough dark chocolate to put Hersheys and Godiva out of business. Lawd have mercy!!!!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009


Michelle was pretty and luxe in chartreuse brocade and pashmina, Sasha and Malia were the embodiment of kid-cute in their fab jewel tone color mixes and, surprisingly, Laura Bush was ultra chic and modern in her beautifully cut, minimal, neutral ensemble. But it was the original ReRe (Sorry Rihanna), the legend...diva...the Queen herself, Aretha Franklin, that made the biggest and boldest fashion statement on Inauguration day.

I absolutely LOVED her hat!!! What many critics failed to understand was the connection to the age old tradition of 'Crowns' in the black community. Large, fanciful, embellished, bedazzled, ladylike, fierce, dramatic toppers are de rigueur at Sunday church services, special events, fashion shows, plays, graduations, etc, in the black community. They are a show of wealth, status and class in the same way that designer bags are. They also represent a regal connection to our African ancestry. I believe Aretha's fashion statement spoke to something deeper than just 'I wanna wear a big ole' fancy hat'. I think it spoke to a reverence and respect that she held for the momentous occasion and it's direct connection to her history - a history filled with church, civil rights, marching, shoutin' and making it to the mountain top.

For a woman that is known to show far too much skin, especially her never-ending cleavage, Aretha looked rather chic and understated in her melange charcoal lady-coat and chapeau. The hat has been requested by the Smithsonian - for sure, a great honor. I hope she donates it because it is about more than just the Inauguration, it is a great nod to a rich, little known aspect and aesthetic of American culture and history.


No one loves a legend more than me. I go UP for Ross; I LIVE for Patti; I LOVES' me some Dionne; Gladys make me glad; I give all R-E-S-P-E-C-T to the queen, Aretha .......but the recent outburst of the legendary icon Etta James is just unacceptable.

Etta should be ashamed of her damn self. I know that sass is part of her schtick, but her derogatory and extremely unfunny comments about our new president were despicable. This is a woman who lived through segregation and the civil rights movement. She should be onstage PRAISING GOD that times are a-changin'. It is her generation that should see something extra special about Barack's presidency.

Also, she should be sending roses to Bey for introducing a new generation to her story, her song, her legacy. Beyonce did a fabulous job of portraying her in CADILLAC RECORDS (great movie!). AT LAST is a really obligatorily great song, but it is one of those songs that I have heard so many damn times that I never wanted to hear it again. Bey breathed a bit of freshness into it in my humble opinion. Etta James is indeed a living legend, but it is because of Bey that her name is back on the tip of the collective pop-culture tongue.

When Etta was being serenaded and honored by Bey, everything was hunky-dorey, but now that the attention has shifted away from her, I think she is a little attention starved. I find it funny because AT LAST was a 19 year old song when Etta sang it - it was originally written by Mack Gorgon and Harry Warren for the musical, ORCHESTRA WIVES and became a pop hit in 1942 for Glen Miller (with vocals by Ray Eberle and Pat Friday). Mr. Nat King Cole then recorded it in '57 on one of his many #1 albums. It wasn't until 1960 that Etta had a moderate hit with the song, only reaching #47 on the pop charts. So, how in the hell is it her damn song??!!?? Get real, lady. You are too accomplished and too much of a survivor who has so much to be grateful for to stoop to such unladylike behavior.

Count your blessings, Miss Thing....more class and less sass.....

UPDATE!!! - Now, Mother is coming out saying that she was just, ole' girl, your coattails got pulled and you got read for being nasty and ungrateful!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Ralph's Spring 2009 campaign

Italian Vogue's iconic all-black issue

Bruce Weber - Italian Vogue

Closing out Ralph


She could be the next big thing.....Ubah Hassan of Somalia, via Canada. I love that she represents a very different type of African beauty than we are used to seeing - one that is soft, delicate and ultra feminine. Most recent African girls of note (except Liyah) have been very strong, dark skinned, short haired and almost androgynous. Believe me, I love the beauty of all of them and I love to see all the chocolate girls working, but it is great to see some newness. She bucks that trend and I love it.

She also bucks the prevailing trend of rail thin, shapeless blondes. This girl has body and legs for days. I love that she has a very potent sexiness and vivacity about her. She closed Ralph's Spring 09 show and is the newest face in his Spring campaign. Let's hope this is a launching pad to a great, long, illustrious career. You better work those legs, girl........

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Azzedine Alaia - Spring 2009

Genius is a word that is just as bastardized as other words such as luxury, couture and talent. Nowadays, with the over-glut of contemporary fashion, Hollywood influence and youth culture, anything with a sequin or a ruffle is considered couture. Anything that has half of a percent of cashmere is thought of as luxury. Anyone that produces anything is deemed talented. I truly believe that the commercialization and normalization of high fashion has actually been one of the biggest contributors to its recent marginalization. Too much fashion, too often, for too many to participate and partake. When you have nobody-ass socialites and dim witted celebs dictating fashion, baby, we have a problem.

But we still have Azzedine!!!!!!!! Hallelujah, Thank you Jesus and Praise the Lord!!!!!!! This is a man that has stayed true to his beliefs and vision for his entire career. He bucks the prevailing trends and always ONLY fine tunes his own statement. And to top it all off, he has stayed in business the entire time. Now I don't know if he has some fierce tree behind his maison that produces Euros and dollars, but he has maintained for decades without normal seasonal showings or ads.

I personally think that the future of fashion is in the ultra individualized visions of people such as Donna Karan's Urban Zen, Commes des Garcons, Yohji Yamamoto, Chado Ralph Rucci and of course, Azzedine Alaia. Donna, Rei, Yohji, Ralph and Azzedine have one thing in common (other than lots of money!) - they are singular visionaries who stay true to their course of creative expression. Now that is great inspiration - DO YOU, BOO!!!

PS - That snakeskin, trench, pouf dress is working me overtime.................

Monday, February 2, 2009


Yes, our newest diva is back....ladies and gentlemen....Miss Jennifer Hudson:

She looked great and sounded amazing. yes she was lip-synching, but who cares?!? We know this gal can blow the roof off the mutha', so don't trip!

She will be performing at the Grammys as well. My prayers, love and admiration go out to her and her family. Her faith in God, love from family and friends and keeping busy living her passion will see her though her tough times. Keep up the good work and keep showing these amateurs how it's done, boo!