Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Weezie's most recent booking:

I will not get out of bed for less than 10,000 doggie treats.

No bitch, I do not do doubles!!!!

Another fitting? If that lady sticks me with one more pin, we are gonna fight!

First diva on the runway..................done for the gods!

Chile, those pumps wore me out!

Moon Boots, gurrl, now really, I can't even look at you anymore!


A member of NYC's new moving garden

While waiting in NYC for my return flight to Europe last week, I decided to peruse the urban reading section at the newsstand for a new book. After passing over such classic titles as MAMA-I'M IN LOVE WITH A GANGSTA, LAWD MO' DRAMA, FOREVER A HUSTLER'S WIFE, AROUND THE WAY GIRLS 4, HIP HOP HIGH SCHOOL and the crossover hit, TALK TO THE HAND, I decided that I needed slightly more up-market fare. Now don't get me wrong, everyone can use a little trashy reading every now and then, but I do have my dignity to think about.

So, I landed on 2 very different yet equally interesting titles. NO DISRESPECT was written by rap legend Sistah Souljah. She has been one of the most politically and socially active members of the hip hop generation and in this autobiography recounts important life altering moments and how racism, sexism and classism in the 90's shaped black life. She is also the author of one of my all time favorite novels, THE COLDEST WINTER EVER, which hopefully is still in development with Jada Pinkett Smith as a big screen flick.

The second book is WHAT IS THE WHAT. This is a novel based on the life of Achak Deng - one of the Sudan's lost boys. Forced to leave his home as a child because of war, Deng crosses 3 countries, deserts, avoiding wild animals and militia to finally end up in America where a new life of hope and different problems await him.

I am looking forward to reading both books after I finish HOW TO BE LOST. A novel about a woman who, after believing her whole life that her baby sister was missing and dead, sees a picture in a magazine and believes it to be her sister. She begins a journey to find her her sister and her own truth.

Halfway done, but A good, entertaining read so far.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Now, baby, you know.............this video is classic 1980's trashiness: that side-swept hairdo, bad special effects, that snake that looks like she got it from Woolworth's, that low-heeled pump, Solid Gold choreography and that hateful sequin-taffeta prom dress number mama is know I LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is what I mean when I refer to 'good trashiness'. It is funny to look back and see that Rebbie actually was a pretty girl - kinda like the pretty girl in your church choir. The bottom line is that the song and music were so fierce to me as a kid and I still love it!

Rebbie Jackson - CENTIPEDE



We, unaccustomed to courage
exiles from delight
live coiled in shells of loneliness
until love leaves it's high holy temple
and comes into our sight
to liberate us into life.

Love arrives
and in its train come ecstasies
old memories of pleasure
ancient histories of pain.
Yet if we are bold,
love strikes away the chains of fear
from our souls.

We are weaned from our timidity
In the flush of love's light
we dare be brave
And suddenly we see
that love costs all we are
and will ever be.
Yet it is only love
which sets us free.

By the one and only, angel walking among us.....Ms. Maya Angelou. The way this woman speaks of my life is downright scary and a blessing all at once.



Monday, October 29, 2007


I just finished reading the most amazing, riveting, emotionally challenging, heart wrenching, yet full of hope book that tells the true life story of David Reimer, who in his early life was raised as 'Brenda'. At about 8 months old, identical twin brothers Bruce and Brian Reimer were taken for medically necessary circumcisions. Bruce, the oldest twin, went in 1st for the procedure which resulted in the complete burning off of his penis. Because phalloplasties were not performed during this time, the decision was subsequently made to raise him as a girl who would later receive hormone treatments and a medically constructed vagina. They castrated him to stop the development of testosterone and 'Brenda' was born.

His parents only wanted the best for him and followed the advice of Dr. John Money, the leading sex doctor of his generation. He strongly believed that 'nurture' far outweighed 'nature' in the development of a child's sexual/gender identity. Until the age of 14, Brenda always felt like a boy trapped in the body of a girl even though she never had a real vagina which she adamantly refused. At 14, in the words of Venus Extravaganza, she "...went back to being a man." She adapted the name David as a testament to her strength and fortitude to overcome the giant which was her gender issue. David would become a loving husband and father of 3 step-children.

The gross arrogance of medicine and Dr. Money who only used the Reimers to prove his theories is appalling and scary. David's case proves that for him and, ultimately most people, sexual identity and sexual preference are hardwired by nature. Not enough dresses, makeup or even the lack of a penis and testicles could make him a girl or attracted to men. Nature vs. nurture is not completely black and white - both sides are relevant and one doesn't exclude the other. There are instances of boys who were molested by men and then became unsure of their sexuality. But for the most part, kids identify with being gay are what they are from the get go, as most gay people will attest.

I hope this teaches people to listen to children, who can sometimes tell and show us the truth in the simplest of ways if we could just put ourselves and our own agendas out of the way. Brenda did for 14 years with hardly anyone paying attention. All of this was to prove a test that ultimately failed - a wasted childhood.

Love and care for ALL children, even those that have gender and sexual identity issues - they deserve acceptance for who they ARE, not for our expectations. Gender identity and sexual identity are not always concurrent which accounts for the vast range of multi layered gender and sexual expressions (IE straight cross dressers, ultra butch gay men, sissy straight men, butch straight women, etc). It is the ignorance of this fact that allow people to easily discriminate, to hate and to demonize people who challenge 'the norm' yet are completely natural and true to themselves. Accept people for who they are.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


I know it is not much for experienced bloggers, but I hit the 500th visitor mark today!!! YEAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Thanks to everyone that reads my sometimes senseless musings about life and culture. I would love to increase my viewership, so do me ONE favor, make me one lil' ole' promise. I don't ask for much, so oblige me this, why don't ya?! Just send the link to this site to 10-15 of your favorite email buddies, friends, family, coworkers, employees, your boss, your church brethren, your choir members, fellow AA members, prayer club partners, internet hookup dates, the lady at the Chinese takeout restaurant, your bus driver, the lady who puts your weave in, your masseuse, e'erbody. Then maybe they will send the link to their friends and so on and so on.........There is plenty of pie to go around, share the love!

And just to say thank you:


I am absolutely in love with the HSBC ad campaign which illustrates how similar, dissimilar and ironic definitions can be for things that are so similar and so different - it's all in the eye of the beholder. So, taking a cue from them, here is my version:













Are they both, neither or a little bit of both? You be the judge.


Before we were all worried about eating too many carbs or having our 36 grams of daily fiber, there was one consistent thing in our lives - WONDER BREAD. That white bag covered in primary colored bubbles was a little pillow of divine goodness.

It made the best PB&J sandwiches, sometimes double decker. That horrible Goober Grape swirled mess would not due - only Peter Pan with Welch's grape jelly. Being a reformed WB junkee, I even remember taking a slice, balling it up into dough balls with the crust marbling through the doughy goodness, and just eating it like that. SICK, right? WB's sister in crime was Miracle Whip Salad Dressing - creamy, white goodness. Fried bologna. Tomatoes with salt and pepper. Fried eggs with ketchup. Liverwurst. Virginia ham with Colby cheese. The combos were endless. If you were feeling for more minimal fare, a plain ketchup or Miracle Whip sandwich would hit the spot. At school, we would trade our WB sandwiches with friends like they were trading cards. (I was always so embarrassed by the reused aluminum foil or baggies my parents would use).

But alas, in the days of healthier living, I have bid WB and her evil cohorts adieu. She has been replaced with her whole grain cousins who are tasty and healthier. Now don't get me wrong, I can wreak havoc on a baguette, a piece of Italian bread with olive oil and a dash of salt or even on those trashy crescent rolls in the can, but I try to limit them.

Now why in the hell was I thinking of this - this is what happens when your brain is overloaded with dresses, new shoulder shapes and skirt lengths........

Monday, October 22, 2007


These are from my personal collection of Patrick Kelly memorabillia. The first pic was from a Vanity Fair bio on Patrick. This particular pic drew much outrage for it's obvious 'pickaninny' imagery. Because he always used 'golliwogs', Aunt Jemimas and other presumably racist imagery, he always received flack and this photo was sort of the straw that broke the camel's back. I personally love it - it really is a gorgeous portrait.

The ad features Patrick in his trademark overalls and biker cap flanked by the amazing Roberta Chirko (floral pouf shorts), Angie Everhart (far right) and a great friend and mentor of mine, Sharon 'Magic' Jordan (back turned - white collar). The sheer joy this man projected was intoxicating.


The great Alek Wek serving divine ebony skin and glossy coral lips.

Jody giving pixie realness, amazing bone structure and butch-chic attitude.

Karen's smoky eye, slicked back 'do and elegant swan-like neck are the business.

Naomi with a simple bob and pouty lips - amazing.

Roshumba serving Junior Gaultier and a close crop natural.

Sherri Ann with micro twists, statement jewelry and amazing cheekbones that could slice bread.


Saturday, October 20, 2007


THE CUPID SHUFFLE is getting a lot of airplay on 107.3 Jamz out of South Carolina. This is one of the few stations that I can listen to abroad because of licensing issues. I love this station because it transports me back to the down-home, full of love feeling that I get when I visit my BELOVED extended family in SC.

The song was originally released in January, but of course, being out in the boondocks, I am just now getting it. This song is soooooo much fun and just makes you want to dance. The sound is so cool mixing southern, old school and black college vibes with a fun dance that is sort of the new electric or cha-cha slide. What I love too is that this is hip-hop purely for having fun - kinda like when I was a kid and we listened to The Fat Boys and Run DMC. It was about partying, dancing and having a good time. I just love it.......

Now go on, admit it, don't you just want to move, shimmy and shake a tail feather listening to this?

Friday, October 19, 2007


Megamodel Liya Kebede - the only black girl that consistently books
runway, editorial, makeup contracts and ad campaigns.

On Monday, October 15th, Bethann Hardison (former model, model agent and the mom of actor Kadeem) led a panel discussion concerning the lack of black models on runways, in ads and on editorial pages. This problem has been, in my eyes, a problem since the days when Tyra, Naomi, Veronica Webb, Beverly Peele, Deon and Brandi Quinones all shared great success at the same time during the 90's.

Present and discussing the issues were designer, business woman and huge influence on me, Ms. Tracy Reese, casting agent James Scully and model agent David Ralph. Sadly to say, other than Ms. Reese, the only other major designer in attendance was Vera Wang (more should have been there, that is part of the problem). Many factors were discussed, but my take can be summed up in this email I sent to a good friend who prompted me to think about the 'bigger picture' of this issue - the lack of love and respect that we have for our fellow humans , or, our lack of humanity.

I read in WWD about the conference and it is so sad that in 2008 that we still have to have these conversations about race. I agree that it is about a lack of humanity - this is just one instance. It is evident in our destruction of the environment, continued war and terrorism, etc. I think that any form of discrimination is more about self hatred and insecurity and I believe that if we each addressed our own issues and shortcomings, we would not need to make someone else feel like crap and we would be able to embrace everyone as equal, beautiful and worthy.

How this could happen in NYC, one of the most diverse places in the world, is beyond me. I always feel so torn in this business because it is about discrimination to a certain degree (discrimination against fat people, short people, people of color, poor people, non-blondes, etc) and that is NOT what I am about at all. I just feel like I have to try to do my part to change that and that maybe I can offer something different that people need. For me, it is about more than just dresses. It is about helping people to feel good about themselves and trying to add some beauty to the world.

I absolutely agree that there is a lack of women of color on the runway, but there is also a lack of people of color in the design room, in the modeling agencies, behind editor desks, and all of the influential places where people make the decisions about standards of beauty. The power and control of setting those standards is extremely intoxicating and dangerous and when you have people who have limited, close minds with no regards of the greater picture, well, you end up in the situation we are in right now.
I don't even know where to begin to solve it other than being fair in my own work. That's at least a start.


......or, WHEN VOGUE GOES WRONG. Youtube star Jayon22 (DaddyYoutubes) is the Christiane Amanpour of the Ballroom scene - he is the roving reporter on the frontlines documenting the fiercest, bloodiest battles that the kids serve up in Boston, Atlanta, NYC and beyond. He captured these unfortunate yet hilarious performances that will have you cacklin':

STARS OF VOGUE - and I don't mean Anna

One of my absolute favorite forms of artistic expression is the Art of Vogue. When I am in NYC, I brave the late start times, the dragging out of the evening, the unfairness of some judging and the super late ending times of Balls because the amount of creativity is astounding. I am not a participant in the Ballroom community because the thought of me voguing or doing drag is both hilarious and scary all at the same time - I am much more of a sponge on the sidelines soaking it all up. I am all for trying new things, but me trying to walk Butch Queen up in Drags - Banjee Girl Realness (a boy in drag trying to look like a home-girl) would incite a stampede to the exit. Equally frightening would be me trying to contort my body while voguing - child, I would end up in a body cast in traction somewhere.

But, I have a profound respect for the people who have mastered the many different expressions of the ballroom. The amazing talent of some of the participants absolutely rival those of professional dancers, rappers, models, designers, entertainers, makeup artists and comedians. As far as Vogue goes, two of my favorites happen to be from the same house - The House of Ninja. These clips are not the most recent, but explain why these two are at the top of their game.

Danielle Ninja is one of the most popular and most talented natural women in the ballroom scene. She is a professional dancer as well, having performed with Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Omarion and many other stars. But in the ballroom, Danielle is a big star in her own right.

Javier Ninja is an absolutely amazing performer. He is most noted for his 'Hand Performance' and 'New Way Vogue'. His inventiveness, precision and flexibility are in a class unto themselves and he keeps the legacy of the legendary Willi Ninja very much alive.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


"The most unforgettable women in the world wear REVLON" ad campaign from Revlon during the 80's still stands as one of my favorite campaigns ever. They brought together the world's top models and entertainers and cast them as ultra glamorous beauty icons. One of my faves was this one of Ms. Oprah Winfrey. This was shot around 1988 when Ms. O famously lost 67 lbs. on a liquid diet and subsequently, to show off her new bod, wheeled 67 lbs. of fat out onto her stage. She counts this as one of the biggest mistakes of her career. She also says that these pics were altered in no way, but to me, it always looked like the heads were superimposed onto the bodies. In any case, the dramatic spiderlady-meets-Twyla Tharp imagery is forever emblazoned in my head.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Janice Dickinson not only claims to be the the world's first supermodel, but she even claims to have coined the term. I think the drugs, booze and litany of men have left her in a fog. The term supermodel was coined by a journalist in the 1940's to describe the top models of the day including Anita Colby, Dovima and the true first supermodel, Miss Lisa Fonssagrives. She has more Vogue covers than any other person in history, had a career that spanned 3 decades and has produced some of the most memorable photos in fashion history. Her extreme poses, haughty attitude and angular features have served as a huge influence on my drawing style. Arguably, one of the best ever.

Monday, October 15, 2007


I am introducing my weekly 'SLICE OF PIE' this week. These are the people that inspire me, entertain me, get me thinking, keep me laughing and/or challenge me to keep progressing. My first entry is none other than the incomparable B. Scott! B. is the personality extraordinaire that is the face, voice and soul of one of my favorite websites, Love B. Scott.

B. is the purveyor of all things fabulously Hollywood. He is fiercely funny, fiercely gorgeous, fiercely witted and just plain ole' fierce. I first learned of him through his hilarious video diary series on Youtube where he lets us into his home, his head and his heart while dishing about his crazy neighbors, his career, his love life and all the juiciest Hollywood gossip. He is the recipient of the 2007 Award for Best Video Blog from The Black Weblog Awards and has amassed a faithful audience that just can't get enough of his double kisses.

One of the things that I admire so much about this man is that he is a complete original and completely comfortable in his own skin. I love his absolute fearlessness and bravado and hope it takes him where he dreams of going. I can so easily see B. as a big media star, with his own TV show, columns and innumerable guest spots.

B. reminds me of a nice slice of Key Lime pie - sweet with a surprising ZING! Go ahead, have a slice...

Serving face, hair and school boy chic.

Channeling Warhol.


Get ready, because next week I am serving Deep Fried pie.......................


By Aaron

Sunday, October 14, 2007


In honor of Sunday, the Lord's day, I thought I might post something of spiritual value. I have to work today (runway show next week) so I needed a little pick me up. I believe that people can get in a zone and get so emotional that they lose themselves, but sometimes people can go a bit too far. Such are the cases below:

This man won $10,000 on a home video tv show. That is still not enough to pay for his wife's embarrassment.


This sister with the jherri curl and the ankle length denim skirt got so entranced that she forgot to watch where she was going - well at least she was at church and could later have her injuries healed.

Between the choir 'gettin their groove on' and the brother in the red suit 'bumpin and grindin', one wouldn't know if they were at church or the hottest club. Go here and you can kill 2 birds with one stone.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Sometimes you have to just say "Hell No!" Even if it means being slapped in the middle of the street, cold cocked with the butt of a pistol, harassed by an angry mob leaving your skirt to blow up to reveal all your goodness, in prison and then having to work for a spoiled racist, just say "Hell No". Well, life doesn't have to be so dramatic, but the sentiment is the same.

When you are stretched too thin by loved ones, just say it. When you are pooped, need a rest and people still want more from you, just say it. When your boss takes credit for your ideas, just go ahead and say it. When that telemarketer keeps asking if you want to participate in a survey, please, for you and me, just say it. When your family expects more than you have to give, tell them the same damn thing, too.

It is nice to be a giving person, but when it is to your own detriment, commence to serving up a big ole' slice of HELL NO PIE. When you have had enough of people taking and never giving, clutch your pearls, cock your head ever-so-slightly to one side, look them square in their beady little eyes and confidently tell them "HELL NO!!!!". Then turn on your designer heeled feet, and with the gait and confidence of Naomi on a runway, sashay off and say to yourself, "HELL YES!!!".

Miss Sophia, thank you for these indelible words of wisdom.


As most gay people will attest, I too grew up having purely natural crushes like everyone else - it just so happened that my crushes were generally on men. Seeing that I was such a TV fanatic (a quality inherited from my mama), my crushes were usually on the TV stars from my favorite TV shows. The crushes that stand out the most in my memory are of the following:

One of my first big crushes was on Dwayne Nelson (played by Haywood Nelson), one of the main characters from one of my all-time favorite TV shows, WHAT'S HAPPENING!. That big, goofy smile, those dimples and the way he filled out those bell bottomed jeans was just too much for me!


OK, I loved me some Lee Majors, star of another favorite show, THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN. Steve Austin was just so handsome and macho - really the epitome of 'good-looking' in the 70's (well, he and Billy Dee). I also lived for CHARLIE'S ANGELS, one of the most glamorous TV shows ever (Kelly was my favorite - just divine). But when I learned he was married to Farrah Fawcett, I actually felt jealous at age 6!!!


One of my biggest and longest lasting crushes was on James Evans, Sr., the father from one of the most influential shows of my life, GOOD TIMES. John Amos, on GOOD TIMES and ROOTS, represented the epitome of black manhood to me as a child. His strong Afro features, strapping body, winning smile, those tight, tan corduroys and his paternal strength had me absolutely smitten.


But, alas, my all-time huge crush was on a woman! Lynda Carter single handedly shaped one of my biggest tastes in beauty - the sexy, raven-haired, ultra-curvy, super vixen with strength to save the world. When WONDER WOMAN came on TV, I was beyond transfixed. That spin and star burst transformation still sends chills down my spine! But what would send me careening over the edge was when she spun into her motorcycle, scuba or skateboard outfit - somebody fan me, please!!!!!!

The show was originally set in the 1940's, but because of high costs of a period production, they updated it to the 1970's. Well hot damn, because when they did that, Ms. Carter was regularly laid up in Diane von Furstenberg and Halston while toting around Vuitton bags. This was one of the influences that set me on my current career path. It is one of the reasons that the 70's play such an important part in my own creative aesthetic - Diana Prince could wear the hell out of a 3-piece, flare legged suit! So, I salute Ms. Lynda Carter as one of the biggest influences on my early life as a little fat, black, gay kid who loved fashion, glamour, buxom women and super heroes.

This sexually suggestive commercial is still stunning as ever. This woman had face and body to stop traffic.


Pure pop culture genius!!!!!