Saturday, November 29, 2008


I love this girl - she has the cutest face!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


The house that Jeanne built - the ultimate in modern, feminine glamour...


Jeanne Lanvin


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Monday, November 24, 2008



It's a little after the fact, but I went with friends to see the CHANEL exhibition in Central Park (thx for the tix, Tiff!) a couple of weeks ago. It was really a mind altering and thought provoking experience that celebrated ideas - new, off the beaten path, twisted and otherwise. I always like to see other artists' interpretations, especially of a subject as iconic as a CHANEL bag.

I LOVED the raspy voice French lady who narrated the gallery tour - mother has seen her share of cigarettes and cocktails!

The actual location was a pod-like , space ship inspired, ergonomic, white kidney bean of a structure that seemed like it had just landed from another planet. The 'Art Container' was just as much a piece of art as all of the installations that it housed. Catch it if it lands in a city near you. The below footage was NOT shot by me - they were not going to take my black ass to jail!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

THE DARKER THE BERRY know the rest. Dominique Hollington is a chocolate hottie right out of Harlem, spotted shopping on 125th Street. He is now one of the hottest new black boys working today. In fact, days after his discovery, he was jetted off to Paris for the Spring '09 Givenchy Homme runway show. Apparently, he is also shooting a major campaign with David Sims. The lips and the skin tell the tale.............he also brings a black, NYC-boy-next-door swagger that is sooooo refreshing to see. It seems as though the trend is swinging away from the too skinny twinks of yesterday, and back towards a more butch, macho (yet still pretty) effect which Dominique embodies quite well. Funny enough, he reminds me so much of a male version of Lois Samuels-Ingledew - the stunning 90's Jamaican mannequin who was the door opener for other Jamaican girls like Nadine Hollis and Jaunel Mackenzie, among others.

Lois had face for your momma!


My sweetheart Tiff just sent out an email talking about the NEW EPIDEMIC - all the kids remaking Beyonce's Single Ladies video. Well, I found another take on this epidemic trend - the fabulous Miss Gwen Verdon. Watch Gwen and her girls turn it OUT - you betta work Miss Gwen:

Friday, November 21, 2008


Shawn Sutton serving face and body at RedNYC. Check those feline eyes.........