Monday, January 19, 2009



Wearing my own silver fox trapper's hat:


Thursday, January 15, 2009


One of the original Hollywood Latin Lovers, Ricardo Montalban, has passed away. He was known mainly as Mr. Roarke from Fantasy Island and was a star of Hollywood musicals in the 40's and Broadway in the 50's. He was also well known for his portrayal of Khan in the Star Trek TV show and movie. His suave, smooth, elegant, sexy, refined voice and mannerisms endeared him to millions.

Born to Spanish emigrants in Mexico City, Ricardo first achieved fame in NYC summer stock theater and Mexican films.

The thing that most stood out about this man, other than his movie star good looks, was his involvement in his community. I always have an affinity for minorities who give back to their communities. Mr. Montalban was instrumental in establishing the ALMA awards, awards for Spanish speaking actors. In 1970, he founded NOSOTROS and became it's first president, a group that fought the discrimination of Spanish speaking actors, sought to improve their image on screen and urged them to perfect their craft. This was groundbreaking. He had felt the sting of racism in America where he faced Texan signs barring "Dogs and Mexicans". How heartbreaking and disgusting? What most people don't realize is that we are all the same, when Latin actors win, I win; when coal miners in Kentucky win, I win. When single mothers win, I win. Any progression is good for all humanity. Any discrimination makes us all losers.

Vaya con Dios, Papi!!!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Looks like the old girls are repping............

Naomi and Linda duking it out for D-Squared - Spring 2009 campaign.

Just as an aside, Naomi would demolish Linda . Don't let that accent fool you - she throws cell phones and fists like queens throw shade (and fists). You know she means business - she has that weave tied up and is on the attack!!! Linda, hope you put vaseline on your mug, girl......





The collections are trickling in and they seemed to have saved two of the best for last. Phi and Lanvin look amazing!

Phi is truly finding it's own singular voice - highly constructed, sleek, urban, strong. It also has a strong sense of femininity with a nod to menswear. It seems as if they have taken some of the hallmarks of Proenza Schouler (constructed corsets and bras) and made them their own (and done them better in some cases). I LOVE the great short proportions here. Modern is such a bastardized term, but this collection truly looks like now, and more importantly, like tomorrow.

Lanvin - rich, luxe, modern, ageless, timeless!!! This collection is a masterful display of Alber Elbaz' brilliant eye for texture play, proportion, detailing and silhouette. Lanvin is probably one of the most influential and important labels in fashion right now - even more so than many premiere design houses such as Louis Vuitton or Dior. I would put it in the same category of influence and relevance as Prada, YSL and Balenciaga. Draped liquid metal, fur, lace, tulle, taffeta and stretch wool - a grand melange. Top it all off with a mad mix of necklaces, sexy librarian shoes and leather high top gloves for a look that is equal parts opulent and spontaneous.
Now I am just waiting for 2 of my faves - YSL and Givenchy. The clock is ticking.........

Friday, January 9, 2009


I was just thinking about fashion moving forward and I couldn't get past the need to remove the following articles of clothing/accessories from women's closets:

1) Ridiculously high, bulky platform shoes - these have been around for 3 1/2 years already. Let's move on y'all.......I am feeling low heeled (2") strappy shoes, strong heeled suede pumps (think early 90's Calvin Klein) and flat and high heeled tall boots in suede.

2) Sunglasses - I know these are a staple, but I like to look people in the eyes. I find that people use sunglasses as a stamp for stylishness, meaning, throw on anything and top it all off with a big, bug eyed pair of glasses and they make everything alright. Sunglasses are the accessory of choice of poseurs.

3) Skinny jeans - The problem is that most girls wear skinny jeans with a too tight top or a shrunken bomber jacket - this is all wrong. You have to have a play on proportion (a boyfriend jacket, a slouchy sweater, etc), unless you are Raquel Zimmerman. Plus, most people who wear skinny jeans are not doing themselves justice. A frowzy shape in a skinny jean is not cute. Let's ease it up a bit with flares, bell bottoms, trousers, boyfriend pants.....

4) Bad makeup - I see too many of my chocolate sisters wearing eye makeup that they copy from music videos. I particularly hate white shadow just above the lash or just beneath the brow. WHO IN THE HELL TOLD THEM TO DO THIS. STOP IMMEDIATELY!!!!! I am also sick of over contoured noses, overly thin brows and visible lip liner. I wish people realized that makeup is supposed to generally look natural and not like a mask.

5) Bad weaves and extensions - I think there is a trend of hair that is supposed to look like wigs or weaves. No longer do people try to make it look natural. No longer do people want you to ask "Is that her hair?". No longer is a real skin part necessary. Hollywood actresses all have that same 'center parted, softly waved around the face, with tumbling cascades of extra long hair' weave that is so annoying. Ride the train any day and you'll see hair that looks like hats. In urban areas, black women have become so dependent on fake hair that wearing natural hair is passe'. I see little girls, aged 5 or 6, with weaves and I just want to slap the hell out of the stupid mammy! Doesn't she realize that she is teaching the child that her hair, her natural beauty is not good enough? They start them at that age and then they are hooked. It damages their hair, their scalp and their esteem. I have seen time and time again how the natural beauty of a girl bursts out when she cuts her hair off, removes her wig or de-weaves herself. Think Roshumba - early 90's - sheer simplicity, sheer perfection.

6) High waisted jeans - This was a trend that worked on .01% of the population. They are highly unflattering and should be destroyed.

7) Knee High sneakers and Gladiator type boots - Generally worn with skinny jeans, need I say more?


Narciso Rodriguez - his is the best pant of the season - slim yet easy, long & lean!

Moschino Cheap & Chic - Consistently one of the BEST collections around - always feminine, modern with a touch of irony.


Doo.Ri - Stunning look.

Carolina Herrera - great look, just lose the shoes.

Calvin Klein - Francisco Costa makes amazing silhouettes. I would love to see the little dress with a dark leg and a flat shoe or a flat over the knee boot.

Burberry Prosum - I love this luxe wild child Brit look.

Best of Show #1 - Donna Karan
Donna's newest collection is as brilliant as her recent Resort collection (feminine, pink, fuschia gorgeousness). What ties the 2 together is their faithfulness to her singular roots. She is at her best when she references herself, not other designers. She infuses the clothes with structured softness and drapes, sleekness, modernity, ease and sensuality (smart sexy!) What I love here most are the long, languid, lean silhouettes that move around the body - they always have a structured anchor - the shoulder, the waist or a girl's great legs.

Best of Show #2 - Alexander Wang
Alexander Wang continues his winning streak of cool, modern, easy collections. What is so amazing about what he does is that the looks are amazing on the runway and the models could just walk right off of the runway and onto the street and they would look equally as fierce. You can clearly see an early 90's influence here (child, these young kids are referencing the 90's already!!!!!). There are clear references to Alaia, Helmut Lang and even Tom Ford when he was ripping up the fashion world with his early work at Gucci. My favorite is the smashing coral, assymetric draped day dress (dress of the season!!!) worn with sleek patent loafers - super cool, super modern and just plain super.