Friday, February 6, 2009


No one loves a legend more than me. I go UP for Ross; I LIVE for Patti; I LOVES' me some Dionne; Gladys make me glad; I give all R-E-S-P-E-C-T to the queen, Aretha .......but the recent outburst of the legendary icon Etta James is just unacceptable.

Etta should be ashamed of her damn self. I know that sass is part of her schtick, but her derogatory and extremely unfunny comments about our new president were despicable. This is a woman who lived through segregation and the civil rights movement. She should be onstage PRAISING GOD that times are a-changin'. It is her generation that should see something extra special about Barack's presidency.

Also, she should be sending roses to Bey for introducing a new generation to her story, her song, her legacy. Beyonce did a fabulous job of portraying her in CADILLAC RECORDS (great movie!). AT LAST is a really obligatorily great song, but it is one of those songs that I have heard so many damn times that I never wanted to hear it again. Bey breathed a bit of freshness into it in my humble opinion. Etta James is indeed a living legend, but it is because of Bey that her name is back on the tip of the collective pop-culture tongue.

When Etta was being serenaded and honored by Bey, everything was hunky-dorey, but now that the attention has shifted away from her, I think she is a little attention starved. I find it funny because AT LAST was a 19 year old song when Etta sang it - it was originally written by Mack Gorgon and Harry Warren for the musical, ORCHESTRA WIVES and became a pop hit in 1942 for Glen Miller (with vocals by Ray Eberle and Pat Friday). Mr. Nat King Cole then recorded it in '57 on one of his many #1 albums. It wasn't until 1960 that Etta had a moderate hit with the song, only reaching #47 on the pop charts. So, how in the hell is it her damn song??!!?? Get real, lady. You are too accomplished and too much of a survivor who has so much to be grateful for to stoop to such unladylike behavior.

Count your blessings, Miss Thing....more class and less sass.....

UPDATE!!! - Now, Mother is coming out saying that she was just, ole' girl, your coattails got pulled and you got read for being nasty and ungrateful!!!

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