Sunday, September 30, 2007


I would like to introduce (maybe reintroduce in some cases) you to my little one, Weezie. She was indeed named after the classic TV character, Louise 'Weezie' Jefferson. Weezie just turned 4yrs. old and has become my constant companion - she has her basket on my bike and goes with me to work, to the gym, to restaurants and pretty much everywhere else except the grocery store. In fact, at work she has become somewhat of the design mascot and a pretty big power player. She has her daily lunch date with the woman who runs the atelier, has her favorite friends to visit and generally has everyone wrapped around her little paws. She is equally spoiled and well behaved, but most of all, she is so loving and compassionate and could cuddle all day if you let her.
Weezie beauty shot; "Mae West meets Lion King look"
And in honor of her namesake, The Jeffersons:

Saturday, September 29, 2007


Last weekend, I was in Stuttgart - the final stop on my athletics tour this season which has included Paris, Brussels, Rome and Berlin. I have been to Stuttgart once before, and I have to say that the city center there is surprisingly nice. The shopping district and central square are bursting with people and energy and lots of street artists. The meet is held over 2 days and we had brilliant weather. The 1st day started kind of slow because I was late to the stadium because someone gave me bad directions. Then, after forgetting to get a program, I had to return to the entrance to get one. That is when my luck changed because I found the athletes exit where they meet spectators, take pics and sign autographs. So, I happily spent my remaining time running back and forth between seeing the events and meeting the athletes.

Schlossplatz and the New Castle; local artist taking it to the street.

One of my favorites in the sport - Maryam Yusuf Jamal (1500mt champ), on and off the track. One of the great beauties and champions of the sport.

British 100mt and 200mt vet Joice Maduaka (L) used to sport the "80's Hump Weave" but introduced her new sleek, blunt, bob weave in Stuttgart - I live for an upgrade. Stephanie Durst, American sprint newbie, was a real hoot. Mama fell into a fierce pose worthy of Liya Kebede when I asked for a pic. This cutie pie has a big future in athletics.


OHHHHH the beauty!!!!!! Canadian 400mt stunner Tyler Christopher (L) poses with an urban swagger; serving a cute smile with a side of cheekbones is Nigerian 100mt star Olusoji Fasuba.


Me with Francis Obikwelu, Portuguese and European sprint champ - we were a double scoop of chocolate. Me with Reese Hoffa, US shotput star and all around great guy. Don't you just want to squeeze his cheeks (and I mean on his face - don't be fresh!)? He is such a teddy bear.


Amy and Aaron. How much more all-American can you get?! Amy is also a part-time model having appeared in Playboy, FHM and Maxim:


I met Jamaican sprinter Asafa Powell in the city center after the event. He is the world record holder at 100mt. Powell is amazing on the track and has the body of a super hero. But, he has the personality of a wet rag. Maybe I am used to the Americans who have personality and charisma to spare, but even Powell's bravado would induce narcolepsy, unlike former ego-maniacal sprinter Maurice Greene who you could count on for an arrogant pose and strut peacock session. Powell's rival, Tyson Gay, has it all - talent, looks and an endearing, humble personality.


Fresh Faced - 110mt hurdler Ryan Wilson and 400 mt runner Mary Wineberg both serve ivory fresh cuteness.


Two of the biggest stars on the scene also happen to be two of my faves. Americans Sanya Richards, 400mt diva (L), and the amazing 200mt specialist Allyson Felix (R) are creating legacies for themselves right now with their dominance in multiple events. Allyson is absolutely stunning in person - she is as graceful, quick and delicate as a gazelle.
International hotness: 100mt & 200mt star Johan Wissman of Sweden, the cutie with the big booty (L); Japanese hammer thrower Koji Murofushi is half Japanese, half Romanian and 100% fine .

American miler Alan Webb is the boy next door, but with a devilish grin.

200mt sprinter Christopher Williams always adds a touch of spicy Jamaican flavor, hold the jerk sauce. 400mt British hurdler Tasha Danvers-Smith always brings a touch of fashion to her performance - this time a flippy tennis skirt, a jewelled headband and vivacious, curly locks.

American 400mt hurdler and sprinter Angelo Taylor is one of the most handsome boys on the circuit. Peace out to you too!!!
Now you know I love diversity, taking chances and individuality, but Russian long and triple jumper Tatyana Lebedeva looks like the valedictorian of the graduating class of "BOZO'S CLOWN COLLEGE". That hair was many things and none of them pretty. She was the official M.O.T.M. - MESS OF THE MEET.
One of the things that stood out to me about this meet was that the girls hit the track camera-ready. After their event, they go directly to interviews so the hair must be snatched and faces must be beat. The Americans have it down to a science - natural makeup with flowing locks or a long pony tail. I assume this has a lot to do with getting sponsorship and/or endorsements. Whatever the case, they were DONE and I always appreciate the effort!!!
Track season is over for me this year, but I will resume my spectator duties in the springtime. I had a great time documenting such an amazing season.
All pics by me except the one of me with Obikwelu and Amy's pics from Playboy and Maxim.

Friday, September 28, 2007


I have been having dreams of a place of island far island with no phones, no internet, no media, no connection to the outside island of NO return. No, I don't want to go there. I have a list of completely useless celebrities who I would love to send with a one-way ticket. And I am not thinking of a luxurious resort getaway. No Maldives, baby. No Aruba, mister. No Hawaii, missy. I am more in the neighborhood of SURVIVOR, minus the camera crews, minus the challenges and prizes, minus the boat that picks them up when they are sent packin'. I for one am absolutely tired of the deluge of tragic news stories, idiotic TV shows, music that grates the ears, undeserved attention and being famous for no apparent reason. Talent is in the eye of the beholder, but my eyes aren't beholding much talent. And, to top it all off, some of them can't even do trashy right! Please feel free to play travel agent and add people:

Paris Hilton
Lindsay Lohan
Britney Spears
Jamie Lynn Spears
Nicole Richie
Foxy Brown
Nicky Hilton
Hilary Duff
David Spade
Katie Holmes
Karrine Steffans
Ashlee Simpson
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Shar Jackson
Elisabeth Hasselbeck
Tara Reid
Mischa Barton

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I have worked with Dutch beauty Kim Noorda and she is as sweet and hardworking as she is gorgeous.

Ethiopian stunner Yordanos Teshager - I hope big things happen for this amazing girl. This is face and body for the record books.


I really love all types of pie. Sometimes I like a chi chi poo poo French apple tart tatin and sometimes I love a down home apple cobbler. I can always go for a piece of sweet potato pie.

As with pie, my inspiration and enjoyment comes from a mix of opposites: the high and low brow; chic mixed with trashy; urban with a dash of country life. In our efforts to achieve and accrue, we
sometimes forget that the most simple things can bring the most enjoyment. We forget that a little trashiness can sometimes add a bit of spice to our so-called cultured lives. We get so high falutin' sometimes that we forget the quirks and customs that shaped us and brought joy to our lives at one point.

So, you know what, I love French bread, but I will still enjoy my garlic cheese biscuits from Red Lobster. I will go to the theater, but I may just go to a voguing ball afterwards. I will watch the DISCOVERY CHANNEL, but an episode of AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL will always entertain.

Find what you love, what brings you joy, what makes you grow, what makes you laugh and SHAMELESSLY enjoy it. Life is too short to eat someone else's slice of pie.


The first entry in my ongoing WORDS OF WISDOM series come from the iconic Dorian Corey, star of the classic documentary PARIS IS BURNING. Dorian Corey - drag Diva, house mother, showgirl extraordinaire, NYC legend, alleged murderess, designer and seamstress - was the griot and font of wisdom of the ballroom scene. Her words and spirit will forever be remembered. May she rest in peace. The clip where she is applying her showgirl makeup is at once hopeful and heartbreaking - hopeful because we have a shot; heartbreaking because she is no longer here and because some people never give themselves a chance. I hope she left this world knowing that she made her mark and inspired others. The READING clip is just plain ole' funny! Her delivery is classic - she was a born STAR.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I just had the guilty pleasure of reading A DEEPER SHADE OF BLUE - PASSION MARKS II, which was written by Lee Hayes, author of PASSION MARKS and his newest novel, THE MESSIAH (review coming soon!).

and Darryl have survived their nightmare experience in Houston, which involved an abusive relationship, a woman scorned, secrets made public and a crazed vigilante lover with murderous intent. This installment has the couple visited by someone from their past who orchestrates a symphony of catastrophe upon their lives.

Most of the main characters are back: There is Kevin, dealing with the death of his identical twin brother, Keevan, by burying himself in the responsibilities of his new business and charity work. He is a hopeless romantic willing to go the distance for his lover, Darryl. Darryl, once the long suffering partner, is beginning to explore other 'avenues' of interest that may have dire consequences. Danea, the best friend and cheerleader, now a superstar singer, is still Kevin's rock and sounding board.

It didn't win the Pulitzer prize, but who cares when you can't put the book down. It was so entertaining, sexy and addictive. I couldn't stop laughing, gasping and wanting more. One of the things that is so great about the book is that you identify, on some level, with the characters. You see yourself and your friends in them. But, thank God my life is a little less dramatic than Kevin's!

One of the things that I love about Lee Hayes is that he infuses social messages relevant to ALL people, be they gay, straight, black, white or green. Issues of spousal abuse, fidelity, honesty, personal responsibility and safe sex are issues that affect all of us. Hayes does his part, in an entertaining and non-preachy way, to bring attention to issues that we all face.

A super-entertaining read. Get it.

Monday, September 24, 2007


Much has been said about the so called "Brazilian Invasion" in the fashion world, particularly modeling, which started in the late 90's. The Brazilian girls bring an innate sensuality and sex appeal that had been missing from fashion. They also have a very international flavor that appeals to many markets because of the diverse heritage that many of them have - Native American, African, some Asian and/or varied European backgrounds - they have all the ethnic/race markets covered. Since the first 'invasion', there has been a wave of Eastern European and Russian girls that stole their thunder including Natalia V., Euguenia V., Carmen Kass, Hana and Natasha Poly, but the Brazilians have had a resurgence and are leading the pack again. Giselle has had a mammoth push recently, snagging a zillion covers and campaigns. But, before she became the most successful model in history, before Adrianna was a Victoria's Secret Angel and before Caroline T. became a fixture in American Vogue, there were the original Brazilian bombshells.


Giselle and Caroline R.
Raquel and Adriana
Caroline T. and Bruna
Emanuela and Solange

Pre-Giselle, there was the singular 90's sensation Giselle - the original one. Her big breakthrough was becoming the muse to Karl Lagerfeld for his eponymous collection, for Fendi and for Chanel. She had a very unconventional beauty with her trademark nose and severe Louise Brooks bob (which she later cut into a short, boyish fringe).
This girl was THE insider's model. Her runway was not to be messed with - she brought personality and energy to every passage. Her contemporaries included other diverse beauties such as Gurmit, Helena Barquilla and Tatiana Soroko. Then grunge happened and the entire mood in fashion changed from joyous to depressed. Giselle definitely goes into my MODEL HALL OF FAME (which will be published at some point!).


But the originator is none other than DALMA - one of the great, iconic models of all time. Dalma ruled from the 70's into the 90's. She was a favorite of every major designer including Valentino, Blass, de la Renta, St. Laurent, Ferre, Mugler and Mizrahi. In some regards, she (along with Iman) was the embodiment of the 80's - rich, shady, larger than life, and enough glamour to make any Hollywood actress look like a peasant. She had the diva thing on lock - one of my all time favorites.


But, alas, my favorite Brazilian of them all is my house model and friend Larissa B. She brings beauty, wit, humor and maturity beyond her years. And, miss thing has a walk that can start a fire! I call her Aunt Larissa because my dog, Weezie, is in love with her as well. We always joke that she is going to take me to court for joint custody of Weezie and that we will alternate weekends!

Me with my baby, Larissa.

Now I do have one question about the influx of Brazilian girls over the past 10 or so years - How is it that you can go to a country that has a HUGE African history and presence and you can't find any darker, more African looking girls to work in Europe, America and Asia? There was a gorgeous Afro-Brazilian girl several years ago who was a fave of YSL, but she has since disappeared (see below).

Thank God that Emanuela adds some diversity in the mix. When you see runway shows from Brazil, there are tons of fierce black girls - the problem is that the American and European agencies do not scout them. And fashion is supposed to be so universal - puhleaze!!!