Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I finally saw this movie and really enjoyed it. It was so entertaining and kept me hooked the entire time. I honestly didn't know anything about Chess Records and really didn't know the histories of any of it's stars. I had definitely heard their music before because my folks had a real love for the blues, but that was it. These were truly genius performers. I find it very interesting that black stars with nothing to show for their hard work but a couple of value-depreciating cars is not a new thing. The labels knew (and still know) how to whet the appetite of poor kids who come from nothing with no real payoff but fleeting fame.

Jeffrey Wright as Muddy Waters proved again that he is one of Hollywood's greatest talents - I find him captivating. Mos Def was such a fun and modern take on Chuck Berry. Columbus Short was excellent as Little Walter - the embodiment of a tightly wound, brilliantly talented, too-pretty-for-his-own-damn-good hoodlum. Gabrielle Union gave a performance that makes me ask why the hell does this girl not work more in A-list projects, dammit??!!?!? Beyonce gave her best performance to date - and I think she was damn good - plus she sang the stank out of those songs. I loved that she stripped away the too perfect Bey that we know to reveal a grittier, more gut-bucket and abrasive part of herself - I hope she holds on to a bit of this woman because she is thoroughly interesting. She probably won't be nominated, but you just might hear her name bubble up a few times during Oscar season.

The weakest link of the movie was Adrien Brody. He didn't connect & seemed miscast. While I do think that there is something oddly attractive about him, it isn't enough to warrant him as a headliner. Also, I thought that the makeup for the aging, battered and on-his-comeback Little Walter looked too fake. During one of Bey's smack scenes, as she is being held, her wig noticeably shifts - I thought that was kind of funny.

One great thing I learned was the origin of the most famous and most sampled guitar riff in history. You learn something new everyday.

See it and hear some FIERCE music!!!


Miami cuteness

Lance - the cutie with the big ole' booty...

Jamaican-American STUNNER Stephanie gave me
my life, y'all!!! This girl is simply gorgeous - amazing
proportion, amazing body, great legs, divine face
and bone structure and the most perfectly almond
shaped eyes. I hope to see more of this girl.....

Friday, December 26, 2008


From one of my favorite episodes of The Family Guy:


Well, it's official - the WONDER WOMAN feature film is shelved and I am vexed, hurt, upset and fit to be tied. I have been laying for this movie for the past 2 decades - literally. It first started taking shape in the 90s with Sandra Bullock attached (HORRIBLE!!!). Then Catherine Zeta Jones was attached which would've been amazing, but never happened. Many other actresses have been linked to the role, including:

Charlize Theron - Major - very reminiscent of Lynda Carter. That face, body (5' 10") & physical prowess would have been ovah!!!

Sarah Michelle Gellar - No. All wrong!!!

Eliza Dushku - No.

Jessica 'Booty' Biel - She's a real looker & her body is MAJOR but turned down the role.

Kate Beckinsale - No.

Carrie-Anne Moss - Maybe...her intensity could bring a different air to the character.

Aishwarya Rai - Stunning, but is she physical enough?

Beyonce' Knowles - She wants this role. With her attached, it could come back. Single Ladies proves she has the bod. Would just pray this isn't her CATWOMAN.

Angelina Jolie - Already portrays Lara Croft. Looks and ability to do action give her a strong edge.

J-Lo - Could have pulled it off about 5 years ago.

Lucy Lawless - No.

Chyna - No. I feel sorry for her.

Lara Flynn Boyle - Baby, we won't even go there......

Megan Fox - Beyond beautiful - she could be amazing...

But, alas, my pick to fill Wonder Woman's red boots is Australian model and actress Megan Gale. Stunningly gorgeous, dark hair, light eyes, voluptuous shape and 5' 10" tall says it all.

If they decide to do this project, I say that it has to go back to the original roots - quasi Greco-Roman, togas, bullets & bracelets, transformational spinning, a fierce theme song, a heroic hunk, The Cheetah, Nubia - all the mythology that made Wonder Woman so magical to little girls and little fags everywhere. Maybe it's not set in the 40's and she actually comes to save America from Al-Quaeda or something, but I NEED to see some of the original drag. A couple of other other highlights could be Lynda Carter as Queen Hera and Jill Marie Jones, Gabrielle Union or Brandy as Nubia.

I hope they get their act together soon - I feel like an addict who needs a hit.

Be forewarned that this sick beat will make you want to do runway, vogue or start spinning deliriously:

Also, love this little girl:


The legendary icon Ms. Eartha Kitt left us on Christmas day. She will be greatly missed. She was an ultra modern renaissance woman who crossed the color line, worked and spoke out for human and civil rights for all, was a stage, screen, TV and recording superstar and was a real man-magnet, attracting some of the world's most wealthy and attractive men.

Eartha was far ahead of her time in many ways - she oozed sexuality and sensuality in a time when that was considered improper. It was that raw, unapologetic energy that drew people to her for well over 50 years. Now that is a career, dammit!!! And mother kept that body SNATCHED all those years!!!!!

During her long career, she had more than nine lives thanks to her sold out cabaret act, her Emmy winning TV appearances, her UNFORGETTABLE appearance in Boomerang, her stint as Catwoman (BRILLIANT!) and her brutally honest views on war, homelessness and bad politics. Her truest essence was always put forth at the right moment and those moments kept propelling her forward and deeper into our hearts.

Eartha - you were a one-of-a-kind Lady!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Here are quick blurbs about 2 MUST SEE movies that will probably be nominated for multiple Oscars!!!


This is quite possibly the best movie of the year (still got a lot to see on my list, but this is brilliant). Sean Penn proves once again why he is THE actor of his generation - a male Meryl Streep (can't wait to see DOUBT!!!) if you will. The movie is also super relevant because of the civil rights issues American gays are dealing with right now. Harvey Milk was a true renaissance man - he was groundbreaking, revolutionary and ahead of his time. This movie is so well made, well acted, well written and timely!!! I wish California voters had seen it before they decided to strip folks of their equal rights. GO SEE IT and be prepared to be moved!!!

Beautiful, rich, super engrossing tale of the ultimate underdog who uses his hard knocks life as a stepping stool to love and wealth. Beautiful!!! And.....everyone in the movie is gorgeous!!! From the beyond adorable kids who are brilliant in their roles to their grownup counterparts who bring a much needed dark beauty to the screen. Visually, mentally and emotionally a masterpiece. LOVE IT!!!


I just returned from the BAM Rose Cinemas (Brooklyn Academy of Music) seeing a fabulous movie entitled Let The Right One In.

This Swedish mystery/horror film tells the story of a 12 year old little boy named Oskar (Kare Hedebrant) who endures the taunts and bullying of his classmates who pounce on his shy, withdrawn and awkward demeanor. Oskar retreats into himself and gruesome newspaper clippings to find solace. One night, he befriends a strange little girl, Eli (Lina Leannderson), who is 'about' the same age as him. She is also an outcast of sorts but has one thing that Oskar doesn't have - aggression. The two become fast friends and confidantes, sharing secrets, coded language and ways of dealing with people who get in their way. Once the little girl's true identity is learned - she is a vampire - Oskar retreats from their friendship, but realizes that he truly loves her despite their physiological differences. They begin to 'help' one another in ways that don't sit well with their neighbors or the police.

The movie is very quiet and unassuming. It is not about graphic special effects, grossing you out or cheap scare tactics. It is about uprooting the idea of the outsider as the enemy. You find yourself rooting against the supposed 'victims'. You begin to realize that in this movie, 'victim' and 'attacker' are relative turns and that karma can be a real BITCH!!! Oskar and Eli fill the screen with their adorable faces, innocence blooming into knowledge and an emotional understanding beyond their years. They begin to balance one another. They each need what the other has to offer and they are smart enough and love one another enough to learn important and necessary lessons.

It's ironic that TWILIGHT is the number 1 movie in America right now. I have not seen it, but I do know that it is a very Hollywood version of a teen vampire love story. LTROI is not necessarily about romantic love, it is about an innocent, pure, childhood love that connects two people at the soul. There is a quiet intensity and intimacy to their relationship that is beyond sex or lust (afterall, they are only 12!).

I will not go to see Twilight. LTROI has made it unnecessary to see. When you see something so intense, artful, heartfelt and touching, there is no need to see the glammed up, watered down, commercial little sister.

This movie is only playing in arthouse theaters - if you can find it - GO SEE IT!!! It is a thought provoking and hauntingly beautiful piece of work.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Croquis book sketches of beautiful girls serving face, accessories, hair and attitude.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Kim Noorda in Balmain


Ashley Richardson in Carolyn Roehm

Theresa Stewart in Gaultier


Shana Zandrick in scary Chanel


Maggie Rizer in Gaultier


Jane Birkin in Ossie Clark

Pierre Cardin (?)


Amina Warsuma in Zhandra Rhodes



Original sketches by me:

Fringe on a base of lace - structured & sexy with movement -
underseams punctuated with velvet ribbon so you get a flash of
lingerie under the fringe when the girl walks, dances or shifts
in the arms of her very handsome date.
Directional fringe - fringe in every direction to keep
your eyes moving with every shimmy she makes.
(click images to make larger)