Tuesday, November 6, 2007


The Monument Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II was designed by Guiseppe Sacconi in 1895 and it's construction was completed in 1925. It is one of Rome's largest yet most reviled monuments. Romans dislike its grandiose size, stark white marble appearance and overly blocky shape. It is often called THE WEDDING CAKE in reference to it's stacked design. I am not a fan of the monument but what I love is the 2 gorgeous statues of the winged gods riding their chariots. I have always been a fan of any imagery of Greek and Roman gods, angels and other religious iconography depicting super-humans with God-like characteristics. Thus my love of Wonder Woman (Greek goddess Diana), Jason and the Argonauts, Clash of the Titans and 300.


Roman street performer getting her dance on for cash. She was giving me lite African dance class feelings. I wanted to join in with a little basketweave move myself.

Caesar's Forum

Roman cats having their day in the sun.

Amazing arches in close proximity to the Colosseum.

The amazing Colosseum is one of my all time favorite monuments. It is truly breathtaking and other worldly. You feel as though you have been hyper warped into the movie GLADIATOR. This is the embodiment of awesome.

The exit of the Vatican is actually one of the most spectacular features with it's amazing spiral etched staircase.

Draped in the name of the Roman gods.

Gorgeous ceilings in the Vatican.

The art collection of the Vatican rivals those of the great museums of the world. In addition to the amazing beauty and the luxe effect that the Vatican serves aplenty, I was also struck by the feeling that all of that wealth was funded with the blood of entire civilizations, cultures and ethnic groups. People were stripped of their histories, religions, beliefs and traditions in the name of the church. I thought of the demonization of gays and people who make alternative choices in life. I thought about all of the little children abused by priests and the way the church covered it up for lifetimes. I had a bit of a feeling of sadness at the Vatican because of this.

Bodies beautiful.

The Pantheon

Fountains at the Piazza Navona.

The world famous Spanish Steps.

Rome has become one of my favorite European cities. The people are warm and inviting and the sights are unbelievably amazing. You really feel transported back in time. You expect a chariot to race pass you at any time. Rome of course has delectable food that will make any dieter say ciao to low carb menus. I will NEVER forget Rome. It will forever be emblazoned in my memory for reasons far beyond sightseeing and paninis. Rome is a MUST VISIT city - go and have a gelato for me!!!

All photos by me.

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