Tuesday, November 6, 2007


The VALENTINO exhibition stands, in my opinion, as one of the most amazing fashion exhibitions ever. It is in the same league as the Halston, Jackie Kennedy and Versace exhibitions. Staged in Rome at the Ara Pacis Museum, this was a breathtaking exhibition. The forms are all positioned and posed in a way that makes you think they are watching the second coming or watching some spectacular, natural event. They are all standing with arms outstretched, gazing to the heavens as if they were angels watching God's awe inspiring power. Needless to say, the effect is amazingly dramatic. This is the epitome of VAL'S GALS. To top all of that off, you see up close and personal the pure genius of the brilliant VALENTINO GARAVANI, or simply, Valentino (Val, Mr. Valentino, the sheikh of Chic, Le Chic, etc) . From the most amazing draping to the most beautiful embellishments to the amazing daywear and accessories - whatever this man touches has a severe feeling of luxury, money, chicness and rarity. Known for his love of red, Valentino's repetoire of color was amazingly diverse and rich. An amazing coral embroidered crocodile jacket would make you want to slap yo' momma....lace and ribbon basketweave plaid separates show you how twisting a classic brings about newness.... hand draping that must have taken 5 little Italian mamas 2 months to make...woven chiffon gowns....enough beading to give the little Indian beading men arthritis....cashmere double face coats.....camouflage day and evening......the choices of exquisite beauty were endless. Cases of notes and sketches gave you a small glimpse into the way a brilliant mind works. The original dress forms and gowns of celebs like Halle, Liz Taylor, Reese, Julia were fun to see (they are all freakishly tiny!). This exhibition was truly inspiring.

Their Eyes Were Watching God - an army of angels .

Beading, draping, degrade', asymmetry, all add up to plain ole' gorgeous.

Stairway To Heaven - Angels draped in rainbows of ombre chiffon and beads.

Original wedding gown of Grace Kelly when she married into the royalty of Monaco.

A heavenly chorus giving praise to God!!! All they needed was a little gospel music in the background. This was absolutely divine staging. Miles and miles of red chiffon, georgette, satin, taffeta and jersey...................

Rouched tulle pouf gown in multi colored harlequin pattern.

In addition to me, black was repping in the house that day.

Off The Wall - the amazing entrance.

The Arch Angel.


Deep Fried said...

Where was this exhibition. It looks incredible. I especially like the red.

Aaron said...

This was an awe inspiring exhibition. It was held in Rome and just ended at the end of October. I believe that it will be traveling to major museums around the world at some point.