Wednesday, August 20, 2008


The Olympics are my current Obsession - so much so, that I feel like a naked Kate Moss writhing in crisp, white sheets on a beach when I watch track and field.

Tuesday night was the final in the women's 110 meter hurdles, starring one of my longtime favorites, the gorgeous and talented LoLo Jones. How can you not love a girl named LoLo. She reminds me so much of some of my cousins that it is eerie. She was the clear favorite in this event and her gold medal was inevitable.

Well, girlfriend was out of the blocks like a lightning bolt - she lead the way over the first eight hurdles.....then it happened. That damn ninth hurdle must have jumped up and caught her heel. Actually, what it looked like to me was that she was not clearing the hurdles straight on and because her lead leg was on a bit of an angle, it caught the hurdle and did my girl in during the race of her life. Well, my heart broke for her and for the US Track & Field team who has not had a good showing this year.

ith the 3rd place showing of the great Sanya Richards, the complete medal shutout of the women's 100 meter sprinters, no Bernard Lagat in the 1500 meter final and no gold or silver medal for the guys in the 100 meter sprint, this year has been a real letdown for the team and the fans. Allyson Felix, girl, you better do the damn thing in the 200 meter sprint or I am going to lose it!!!!!

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