Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Aaron & DouglasSays - Munich Hauptbahnhof '07

Designer DouglasSays is launching a new line called Plus-U for full figured ladies. He staged a runway show in NYC a couple of days ago featuring the new collection. I loved it - it was the perfect blend of sexiness, glamour and practicality. The line is primarily jersey so the comfort and care factor is a no-brainer. Douglas' palette included chocolate brown, lime green, fuchsia, black and beautiful shades of royal, iris and baby blue. What was so fresh about the palette was the way he mixed the colors via color blocking and peek-a-boo facings. My favorite standouts were the opening piece, an amazing, sweeping tweed opera coat with harness belt; a puzzle-piece jersey wrap dress in orange, chocolate and lime; an asymmetric crystal dusted royal blue gown; a simple black and red T-shirt dress with trompe l'oeil halter effect; and a feather paisley printed wrap gown with sexy high slit. I personally think this collection is aesthetically and commercially viable and would appeal to many a big girl. Here are some pics:

I loved seeing voluptuous women on the runway embracing their femininity, sensuality and their diva attitude. These girls turned it out. The bride of the show was none other than The Original Runway Diva, Ms. Sharon Quinn. Sharon is THE plus size runway girl and has parlayed her talents into many runway, TV and performance gigs. The crowd always GOES UP for Miss Sharon and she never fails to burn up the runway. My big question is why is it that a Sharon can't be in every runway show? A little diversity is good for the eye and the soul. Here are a couple of videos of Sharon in action - catch the patented twist, twirl, dip and then side step....

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The ORIGINAL Runway Diva! said...

My God Aaron...that made me smile!!! Thank you so much for the wonderful compliments!

Continued Success!