Thursday, August 7, 2008



I have to say that right now, I am having a nice little love fest with the one and only Miss Tyra Banks.

I have followed this woman's career since I was in college at Parsons and she had just started walking the runways of Paris. She made a huge splash during her premiere season in Paris booking 40 odd shows in one week - unprecedented at the time for any model, black or white. Tyra has done what NO OTHER MODEL in history has ever done - she's built an empire as a supermodel, actress, tv host and big shot producer.

One of her hugest successes is the iconic
AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL. It doesn't matter that most of the girls would never have a chance in hell of getting booked by anyone on Seventh Avenue - what matters is the drama, the humor, the ridiculousness and the dream that she provides every week.

To top that off, she launched her hit eponymous talk show
. She has become the de-facto esteem-booster for young, female America. Her appeal spans all races and economic groups and it is her intelligence, humor, wisdom, her self deprecating humor and yes, her beauty that keeps 'em coming back for more. It is actually her corny side that I love the most - I love the fact that she may pick POPEYE'S chicken over Le Cirque. She embodies an accessible, Americana glamour that folks just love. Tyra can serve face, hair and drag with the best of them, but she truly is one of the great natural beauties of our time. Skin, bone structure, almond eyes, bee stung lips, and body-ody. Werk sis.

Years ago, I hung out with Tyra at a pizza joint in the village and was invited by her to a party celebrating one of her Sports Illustrated covers. What struck me then, and is consistent now is the humble, funny and sweet spirit that is at her core. I look at her with the same pride and giddiness that I felt when Halle won her Oscar or when Barack won his nomination. She really inspires me, gets me to thinking, makes me laugh and I can truly say that I am so proud of her and her accomplishments.

Here is a clip of Tyra's cover and editorial shoot for the September issue of Harper's Bazaar where she channels Michelle Obama, soon to be first lady of the U S of A:


Coal rimmed, swan neck - Erykah Badu meets Gloria Vanderbilt serving plantation couture
Italian Vogue - July 2008
Shot by - Steven Meisel

Big hair, bodacious bod
Covering the New York Times Magazine, June 1, 2008
shot by: Ruven Afanador


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ryder said...

tyra is great. she is really a great supermodel. not only she is extremly beautiful but she seems like to be a person with a good hart.
i love ANTM! i ma from europe, but i watch it regulary... never mind most of the girls are not going to be on the top, but advices and the energy that tyra provides is excelent. of course the humor:)
... and i love the fact that she is curvy. she is a true great women and inspiration.