Friday, January 9, 2009


From my lovely friend Mira aus Duestchland (from Germany):

I bought the magazin "Der Spiegel" yesterday (see attachment) =)The title says "Obama's best man" (=Michelle) =))) and below "Changeover of power in the US:The (president) couple and their vision for a better world"It's a positive article. The Germans love them =)))

Looks like the Germans have caught the fever too!!! Let's just pray that this whole Rick Warren thing is part of some covert, big-picture plan. This has been his only major misstep in my opinion, but I am trying to trust that he knows what he is doing. He is a big picture kinda guy and I think his heart is in the right place, so let's just see how this plays out down the line. In any case, it seems as if the entire world is ready for this amazing black man to step into the role of 'The Most Powerful Man In The World'. Michelle is going to be the greatest First Lady since the Carter era (yes, Rosalynn Carter is one of the greatest First Ladies, along with Jackie, Hillary, Eleanor and Dolley Madison). I hope she follows her heart and avoids the pitfalls of following the whims and desires of the media who ultimately do not have her interest at heart (their interest is in selling stories and they are conditioned to always go for the negative, so Michelle, honey, watch 'em girl!).

My prayers and my heart are with Barack and his 'best man'!

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