Thursday, September 20, 2007

MEMORIAL VAN DAMME - Brussels, Belgium

I am a huge fan of Track & Field (Athletics) and took a trip this past weekend to catch the last two installments of the IAAF Golden League events. My first stop was Brussels.

I love the actual events, but I also love the beauty of the athletes. Track & Field brings together such a vast array of beauty from all over the world. From classic, all-American, good looks to the icy, stark beauty of Scandanavia, to the varied beauty of the Africans - it truly is a melange of beauty in all of it's diverse glory.

Here are some of my faves:

Blanka Vasic - Blanka is the current star of the women's high jump. She has such a rare, other worldly beauty and the body of a couture model.

Maryam Yusuf Jamal - One of the great beauties of the sport. This Ethiopian born stunner is so amazingly gorgeous, understated, poised and brilliant on the track.

The amazing Meseret Defar is the premiere womens 3000 and 5000 meter runner and set a new world record at this meet. For breaking the WR, she won a new car but doesn't know how to drive. She is sporting a cute, new, side swept braided 'do.

Christine Arron - Amazingly gorgeous French sprinter. Face, face and more face. Also very friendly and gracious.

African long distance runners - so elegant and refined. The beauty of Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda.

Royal Palace; Inventive advertising

Cool Goth bride and groom out for a Saturday afternoon stroll; I actually got a chance to meet "THE FORMER LADIES OF THE SUPREMES". They are 3 of the 8 women who were at one time part of the Supremes. They are Linda Laurence, Scherri Payne and Freddi Poole. They performed at the closing ceremonies of the Memorial Van Damme. They have contributed to a rich legacy and must be commended. Bravo ladies!

All photos in this story are taken by Moi except the the two which I am in - those were taken by unknown fellow tourists.

Next up - Berlin...............

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