Sunday, September 23, 2007


Berlin was the 2nd stop last weekend on my trip. It has to be one of the most energetic, creative and diverse cities in Germany. Last weekend was my first time visiting and even though I was only there for a couple of days, I had a great time and got to see some important landmarks and a really great track meet. The people seem to be more embracing of their differences than some other German cities. I have heard though that gaybashing, racist Nazis and some other forms of discrimination are prevalent in some areas. I didn't go to those areas! I guess with true freedom, you must accept that some people will have different (if not f**ked up) opinions than yours.

It is amazing to think the Berlin Wall represented political, social, financial, mental and physical seperation between East and West. Now it is a hub of tourist buses, souvenir shops and restaurants - Ahhhhh.....the joys of capitalism and democracy!

Checkpoint Charlie - During it's heyday, must have been tougher to get in than the tents on Seventh on 6th.

Spotted in Berlin - The Fabulous Miss Donyale Luna

Gay Role Models


Mr. Felix Sanchez (400 mtr) - American running for his native Dominican Republic.

Americans Angelo Taylor (400mt) on left and J.J. Johnson (200mt) on right. Milk does a body good.

If you need someplace to set your soft drink, either of these might come in handy:

400 meter runners James Carter of the USA (L) and Johan Wissman of Sweden (R) - they didn't win that evening, but they are winners in their own right!

100 Meter girls: the adorable Carmelita Jeter (winner on this evening) of the USA with arms that could crush small children (L); Mademoiselle Christine Arron of France serving abs and attitude.

Mr. Anwar Moore (110 mt hurdles) and Mr. Rodney Martin (200 mts)- both from the good ole US of A. There must be something in the water.

1500 and 5000 meter World Champion, Mr. Bernard Lagat. Kenyan born and now an American citizen, Bernard was one of the friendliest, most gracious athletes to meet. We had a great conversation about running and about being American. He is REALLY easy on the eye as well! I wanted to get his phone number for my friend Renaldo, but alas, Bernard is married.

Closing ceremonies.

Auf Wiedersehen Berlin - bis sp├Ąter!!!

All photos by yours truly (yeah, I know I am no Meisel, but someone has to do it.)

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