Sunday, September 30, 2007


I would like to introduce (maybe reintroduce in some cases) you to my little one, Weezie. She was indeed named after the classic TV character, Louise 'Weezie' Jefferson. Weezie just turned 4yrs. old and has become my constant companion - she has her basket on my bike and goes with me to work, to the gym, to restaurants and pretty much everywhere else except the grocery store. In fact, at work she has become somewhat of the design mascot and a pretty big power player. She has her daily lunch date with the woman who runs the atelier, has her favorite friends to visit and generally has everyone wrapped around her little paws. She is equally spoiled and well behaved, but most of all, she is so loving and compassionate and could cuddle all day if you let her.
Weezie beauty shot; "Mae West meets Lion King look"
And in honor of her namesake, The Jeffersons:

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