Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Well, I am here in my hometown of Detroit after a 10 hour drive from NYC. I had never made that drive before and it wasn't as bad as I had expected. I had to blast gospel, house and R&B music to keep me motivated because I am notorious for losing interest and succumbing to fits of narcolepsy. I don't know why, but put me behind the wheel of a car and I immediately fall into a Billie Holiday nod. I also really dislike long drives and have avoided making this trek for the 18 years that I have been in NYC. The last time I traveled from Detroit to NYC by car was when my family dropped me off to attend Parsons in 1990. Until now, me and Northwest airlines have been close, intimate friends.

My car mate for the ride was my dog, Weezie. She was so great - she is very patient, quiet and just goes along with the flow. As long as I occasionally reached over and rubbed her head or belly, she was cool. She was so curious that she spent a lot of the time standing in the window taking in all of the new sights. That is one of my favorite things to see. It is so interesting to watch her as she explores and digests all of the newness of the world with the innocence and natural curiosity of a child.

This city is my home and in many ways I will always love it. Detroit has greatly influenced my love of house and gospel music, dancing, church, fanciful hair, down home hospitality and hard work. The genius of Detroit has given us cars, house music, Madonna, Aaliyah, DIANA F*CKING ROSS, The Pistons, Tracy Reese, hair shows, Motown and Donyale Luna. Detroit's contributions to the greater American culture could arguably fall right behind New York and LA. But in the years since I was a child, Detroit has seen industries race out of the city, neighborhoods crumble and drugs, unemployment and gangs devastate our communities. I just hope the people of Detroit can find the strength and fortitude to reach back to the city's rich history of hard work and ingenuity to turn it all around. God knows there is a lot to be done.

Well, it is snowing here and cold as a witches titty. I don't really like the cold so I am going to get ready, bundle up and mentally prepare myself to face the tundra as I brave the cold, cruel, tough streets of 'THE D'.

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