Friday, December 26, 2008


The legendary icon Ms. Eartha Kitt left us on Christmas day. She will be greatly missed. She was an ultra modern renaissance woman who crossed the color line, worked and spoke out for human and civil rights for all, was a stage, screen, TV and recording superstar and was a real man-magnet, attracting some of the world's most wealthy and attractive men.

Eartha was far ahead of her time in many ways - she oozed sexuality and sensuality in a time when that was considered improper. It was that raw, unapologetic energy that drew people to her for well over 50 years. Now that is a career, dammit!!! And mother kept that body SNATCHED all those years!!!!!

During her long career, she had more than nine lives thanks to her sold out cabaret act, her Emmy winning TV appearances, her UNFORGETTABLE appearance in Boomerang, her stint as Catwoman (BRILLIANT!) and her brutally honest views on war, homelessness and bad politics. Her truest essence was always put forth at the right moment and those moments kept propelling her forward and deeper into our hearts.

Eartha - you were a one-of-a-kind Lady!!!

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