Friday, December 26, 2008


Well, it's official - the WONDER WOMAN feature film is shelved and I am vexed, hurt, upset and fit to be tied. I have been laying for this movie for the past 2 decades - literally. It first started taking shape in the 90s with Sandra Bullock attached (HORRIBLE!!!). Then Catherine Zeta Jones was attached which would've been amazing, but never happened. Many other actresses have been linked to the role, including:

Charlize Theron - Major - very reminiscent of Lynda Carter. That face, body (5' 10") & physical prowess would have been ovah!!!

Sarah Michelle Gellar - No. All wrong!!!

Eliza Dushku - No.

Jessica 'Booty' Biel - She's a real looker & her body is MAJOR but turned down the role.

Kate Beckinsale - No.

Carrie-Anne Moss - Maybe...her intensity could bring a different air to the character.

Aishwarya Rai - Stunning, but is she physical enough?

Beyonce' Knowles - She wants this role. With her attached, it could come back. Single Ladies proves she has the bod. Would just pray this isn't her CATWOMAN.

Angelina Jolie - Already portrays Lara Croft. Looks and ability to do action give her a strong edge.

J-Lo - Could have pulled it off about 5 years ago.

Lucy Lawless - No.

Chyna - No. I feel sorry for her.

Lara Flynn Boyle - Baby, we won't even go there......

Megan Fox - Beyond beautiful - she could be amazing...

But, alas, my pick to fill Wonder Woman's red boots is Australian model and actress Megan Gale. Stunningly gorgeous, dark hair, light eyes, voluptuous shape and 5' 10" tall says it all.

If they decide to do this project, I say that it has to go back to the original roots - quasi Greco-Roman, togas, bullets & bracelets, transformational spinning, a fierce theme song, a heroic hunk, The Cheetah, Nubia - all the mythology that made Wonder Woman so magical to little girls and little fags everywhere. Maybe it's not set in the 40's and she actually comes to save America from Al-Quaeda or something, but I NEED to see some of the original drag. A couple of other other highlights could be Lynda Carter as Queen Hera and Jill Marie Jones, Gabrielle Union or Brandy as Nubia.

I hope they get their act together soon - I feel like an addict who needs a hit.

Be forewarned that this sick beat will make you want to do runway, vogue or start spinning deliriously:

Also, love this little girl:


fashart said...

Love the "Costume Zap-Remix"!! OVAH!! Liked the Idea of the "little Wonder Woman" Girl BUT that costume was HATEFUL!!!

Anonymous said...

Megan Gale is an outstanding choice. Model/actress Daniella van Graas might also be interesting. Liv Tyler too, if only her voice had change.

Aaron said...

Hi Stargazer - Liv Tyler could be very interesting - she physically fits the bill...maybe even Anne Hathaway.......