Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Here are quick blurbs about 2 MUST SEE movies that will probably be nominated for multiple Oscars!!!


This is quite possibly the best movie of the year (still got a lot to see on my list, but this is brilliant). Sean Penn proves once again why he is THE actor of his generation - a male Meryl Streep (can't wait to see DOUBT!!!) if you will. The movie is also super relevant because of the civil rights issues American gays are dealing with right now. Harvey Milk was a true renaissance man - he was groundbreaking, revolutionary and ahead of his time. This movie is so well made, well acted, well written and timely!!! I wish California voters had seen it before they decided to strip folks of their equal rights. GO SEE IT and be prepared to be moved!!!

Beautiful, rich, super engrossing tale of the ultimate underdog who uses his hard knocks life as a stepping stool to love and wealth. Beautiful!!! And.....everyone in the movie is gorgeous!!! From the beyond adorable kids who are brilliant in their roles to their grownup counterparts who bring a much needed dark beauty to the screen. Visually, mentally and emotionally a masterpiece. LOVE IT!!!

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