Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I will preface this by saying that, yes, dammit, I LOVES me some Bey!!! But when it comes to style, I try to be completely unbiased.

Baby Bey, as I like to call her, has been pushing the fashion envelope recently. Gone are the days of the old hat Elie Saab and Versace flowing chiffon gowns with a highlight of some beaded schmutz thrown on somewhere. She has replaced this Miss Universe look with much edgier looks - Thierry Mugler, Alaia, Gareth Pugh, Alexander McQueen and Dolce & Gabanna. I particularly love this fashionable move forward. I think it is very reflective of our times as well. She is looking more singular, sleeker, more focused, more streamlined, hipper, much more modern and dare I say it, younger.

I love that this new step frees her from her seemingly self imposed role of Little Miss Perfect (as does her saucy performance as Etta James in Cadillac Records).

One very interesting tidbit of news is her newly announced collabo with Monsieur Theirry Mugler as Creative Advisor and wardrobe designer. He will be doing about 58 looks for her and directing 3 segments of her tour, as well as advising on choreography and lighting. Mugler, through many ups and downs, was a true genius. If you have ever seen a Mugler show, you know that this man thinks big, thinks dramatically and thinks out of the box. His own shows were always more about the drama of showmanship than they were about the clothes anyway. She has to be aware of not just being throwback or too draggish, but constantly taking his genius and bringing it forward so that it is ALWAYS modern, feminine and youthful.

Was this inspiration for her Bey's famed robo-glove?:

Yes, children, the 90's are back!!!

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fashart said...

OK, I'll give her "a little bit" this time BUT, those CLIPS were OVAH!!!!