Thursday, September 4, 2008


Sarah Palin. She doesn't even warrant a pic here - I won't waste the bandwidth. I watched her on TV last night and she only inspired me to do the following:

Her whining, cynical, overly sarcastic, nasal voice droned on for far too long covering nothing more than a sound bite that she had memorized within the previous day or so. This is a woman who hardly knew McCain before he asked her to be his VP. This is a woman, who on record, has mocked the position of VP (as did McCain). She spoke little or nothing about any of the actual policies that they will implement. She mocked Obama's community and grassroot's activism like it was a joke. Shame. She as a woman should know that the civil rights, women's rights and gay rights movements all started on a community based level with local leaders hoeing the hard rows. Oh yeah, she is for limited women's rights and virtually no gay rights, how could I forget. She harped on McCain's POW status for the umpteenth time, but never spoke about the economy. Get real, girl.

She sounded like a character on Politically Incorrect or like Tina Fey playing Sarah Palin on SNL. I cannot take her seriously. Between her 'message', that voice and that dreadful hairdo, it was a real feat to keep down my dinner. And then to top it all off, they had the nerve to trot out the pregnant daughter and he
r reluctant baby daddy who chewed gum the entire time. She is the embodiment of what the Republicans feel about Americans - she is a political stunt meant to manipulate and patronize. Never mind her skeletons (which highlight her considerable lack of judgement) and her inexperience (for which they hypocritically mock Obama for). With McCain's age and health being questioned, and rightly so, this joke of a VP would actually have a very good chance of being the leader of the free world. SCARY!!!!! If you people fall for this farce, SHAME ON YOU, SHAME ON AMERICA!!!!

The Republican party has put the American economy and America's long fought reputation in the TOILET and then have the audacity to never mention it. They mock us and take us for fools with their feigned goodwill and lack of concern for the average Joe. We have had 8 years of the rich getting richer, the middle class getting poorer and the poor getting threadbare. We have had far too many years of warmongering, slain troops, slain innocents in war zones and fat contracts for Bush/Cheney cronies.

How do we end it...........this is how:


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