Sunday, September 7, 2008


Patti serving the fiercest 'snatch-back' hairdo, ever in recorded history

Classic 80's Patti - big hair, full figure and a bright smile

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a HUGE Patti LaBelle fan. But I have been two-timing Ms. LaBelle with the other Patti, Ms. Patti Austin.

Ms. Austin has one of the cleanest, prettiest and smoothest voices around. She has been extremely overlooked for so long but maintains a big following with her live performances all over the world - from concerts to festivals and TV appearances. Here's one of my faves by her:

This is easily one of the best duets from the 80's - BABY, COME TO ME - sung with the incomparable James Ingram. Both singers were proteges of the genius himself, Mr. Quincy
Jones. Talk about making beautiful music together!!! Check out THE DUDE by Quincy Jones - brilliant CD from start to finish.

Well, Patti has undergone a bit of a transformation. Long gone is the plus size Patti. I got the following in the mail yesterday and said, damn, who is that lady, she's kinda serving (in an old school sorta way). Low and behold...Patti Austin.

Here are some more pics of the new Patti serving svelte figure, sleek hair and that radiant, beautiful face she has always had. One word - WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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