Thursday, September 25, 2008

PLEASE NOTE.....GO VOTE!!!!!!!!!

Child, my girl Tiff sent me this video and had me just boo-hoo-ing over here. This is so touching and important for everyone - blacks, whites, gays, Latinos, women, Jews and anyone else that at some point felt the sting of discrimination. This is also important for those people who realize that discrimination has no boundaries and that today, it may be gays, but tomorrow it may be blacks and next week it may be all people with freckles. Let it happen to one group and guaranteed your group will get it's go at some point.

Voting is not just to elect a person to office, it is the validation for the lives, the blood, the broken limbs and the pride of all those people who marched, sat in, were mobbed and lynched, ridiculed and belittled. It is for the little black girls desegregating a school for the first time to the taunts and jeers of hateful onlookers and classmates. It is for Dr. King who sacrificed his life for the equality of EVERYONE. It is for the white college girl who sat at the lunch counter with her black friends and was called a nigger lover while having food poured all over her. It is for the middle aged, Jewish house wife who helped support the NAACP with her donations. It is for Rosa Parks for refusing to get up - child, she was tired - tired from work and tired of being viewed as less than. Our going to the ballot box affirms the sacrifices and hopes of all these people.



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