Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Simply gorgeous - one of my all time favorite songs. It is at once haunting, brooding, hopeful, desperate, innocent, naive.....

Sung by one of the most beautiful voices ever recorded - Karen Carpenter. Her voice can be described in many ways, but my favorites are heavenly, pure, sincere....her voice touches me so deeply that the sound of it brings tears to my eyes. From the first line - LONG AGO AND OH SO FAR AWAY....I am a captive audience and an emotional fool. Get out the hankies:

Very few artists today could pull off the starkness of the set, the simplicity and cleanliness of the melody, the depth of the lyrics or even the innocence of her divine peasant dress. Her talent spoke for itself - no need for bells and whistles, exploding cannons or interpretive dancers. There was no room for dramatics because her voice and the lovely music filled the stage......and my heart.

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