Monday, December 10, 2007


Now I try to be as positive as the next person, but growing up in the 70's and 80's exposed any TV junkie to a very popular, if not politically incorrect, institution - the girl fight (popularly called CAT FIGHTING). Most men love cat fights because they can attach a sexual innuendo to it (definitely not my POV!). For me, in a way, it was ultra feminine, showed total strength and ferocity and showed a side of many women commonly kept under wraps. No, it didn't say a lot for sisterhood, but it said a hell of a lot about being fed up and not taking anyone's mess.

The best cat fights ever were on Dynasty and usually pitted Alexis against Krystle. These bouts were usually staged as ratings grabbers because the producers knew that viewers loved to see them go at it. This was also the first time you commonly heard women call other women 'bitches' on TV. My particular fave fight was between Krystle and Alexis in Alexis' design studio (HA!!!!!! - priceless - it is all about her sketching in that sunflower organza blouse!!!!!) Look out Donna Karan:

Then came Dominique Devereaux - the quintessential strong, rich, powerful, black diva - played by none other that the brilliant and gorgeous Diahann Carol. This scene mixes classic fighting technique with the most vicious, faggalicious quips - "We all know that you are nothing more than a second rate lounge act"; "Retract this or I will cram it down your throat" - Now you know some queen somewhere was writing this stuff. These girls had more wigs and hair than humanly possible:


One of my other faves as a kid also scared the Bejesus out of me - Jaime Sommers vs. the FEMBOTS on THE BIONIC WOMAN. This was a favorite show of mine but often times scared me - FEMBOTS, Bigfoot, et al - it was intriguing and horrifying all at the same time. I loved that all of the fembots wore neck accessories and fierce wigs to hide the mask lines. When their faces came off and exposed all that circuitry, HONEY, I was scared out of my mind. See for yourself:

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Addison DeWitt said...

wow! the fembots freaked me out too! scare!...just watching this clip I still find them unnerving.