Wednesday, December 12, 2007


When I left Detroit to head to NYC to go to Parsons School of Design at age 17, I was totally green and The Big Apple seemed like Mars to me. I had never been exposed to so much at one time. I was very afraid and very leery of everyone and everything. But God works in mysterious ways. Next door to my dorm in the East Village lived an angel on earth who would become a good friend, spiritual adviser, colleague and go-to person for advice, wisdom, a good laugh, a prayer and a good dose of fierceness.

That woman is none other than the amazing Sharon "Magic" Jordan-Roach. Magic, as she is so affectionately called by her friends, is truly the Grand Dame of black fashion. Having been a muse an
d mannequin for Patrick Kelly, Isaia, Michael McCollom and every other black designer with a sketch pad, Magic has inspired and supported so many for so long, both on the runway and backstage. This woman is one of the world's great beauties - both inside and out. She has a smile and a spirit that will light up any room (and skin that women would die for). She is fearless and inventive, always taking the steps that designers dream that women will take. No one, and I mean NO ONE, can rock some hair, real or otherwise, like Miss Magic! That unbelievable face has taken her around the world and landed her on a million runways as her genuine, loving character has landed her in the hearts of all she meets. She is an accomplished model, producer, designer, entrepreneur, wife and mother. With Magic, what you see is what you get. There is no pretense, no fakery, no chicanery, no attitude - just pure love, creativity and humanity.

Many times people do not realize the scope, the range and the impact of their influence on others. This post is to let her know how much I adore her, admire her and respect her for all of her contributions to our community and for the love she has shared with me. Here is my friend in all of her fabulousness:

Magic - Essence Magazine January 2007 - FABULOUS AT ANY AGE. This woman epitomizes the fact "...that black don't crack". If she could, she should package her genes, bottle them and sell them at your local pharmacy because she'd make a fortune!



MRS. MAC said...

Hi Marque!!!!
I am so glad to hear you are coming back to the States. We can't wait to see you guys again since the last visit was nore than phenomenal. Of course you know that we have moved into the new house and we stil have a lot of work to do but it's ours and we are happy the BIG MOVE is finally over. Whenever we decide to meet up again, whether in NYC or Detroit, it will be too long of a time. And anyone who can make me love a dog has to be the epitome of greatness!!!(tell her and Court I said hello)
Well, I don't want to hold you I know you have a lot of tedious things to do for the move so I will leave you with this: May God bless your decisions, journeys, surroudings, and heart and may you life be filled with happiness beyond your wildest dreams!!!

Love, Akua

P.S. The blog is FABULOUS!!!!

Aaron said...

Mrs. Mac - you know that I am IN LOVE with you. You are such an amazing person with such a unique, beautiful spirit. I am blessed to have you as my cousin!!!!! I cannot wait to see you both - hopefully sometime this spring would be good. If I can steal away to Detroit for a quick weekend I will. Gotta run - lots to do. Big hugs and kisses to you both!!!