Tuesday, December 11, 2007


...and Papa was moss free.

PAPA WAS A ROLLING STONE stands as one of my favorite songs of ALL times. This is one of the coolest, funkiest, most down and dirty tunes ever. That mean base, those rich strings, the lush and varied mix of voices, vocal perfection and the amazingly sad but true to life lyrics all add up to PURE SOUL GENIUS. This song goes down as a pure classic along side songs by James Brown, Aretha, Prince and The Isley Brothers. Not to diminish their talent, but those brothers were wearing the hell out of those tuxedo jumpsuits!!! Nothing like polyester double knit 2 sizes small!!! Don Cornelius had the afro of all life and those SOUL TRAIN dancers were pure fire. THE SOOUUULLLLL TRAIN was the go-to place for the best in soul and R&B, and this classic clip is no exception:

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