Friday, December 14, 2007


My crew took me out for a lovely going away dinner last night. I had a wonderful time with the people I will miss immensely. They even surprised me with some amazing gifts.

They all know that I have a soft spot for coffee table books. I particularly love fashion and photography books and they gifted me with 2 that mix fashion, photography and history brilliantly. The first is the amazing DIOR book which chronicles the entire history of the house - from Dior to YSL to Marc Bohan to Ferre to Galliano. This book is awe inspiring and completely breathtaking. The Dior aesthetic has influenced me so much - luxurious fabrics, workmanship, silhouette, femininity. BRILLIANT BOOK!!!!!!!

The next book they got is called THE PARTY DRESS. Via illustrations and photography, it details party dresses for every event from garden parties to nights out on the town to weddings. The hugest surprise was the fact that I had illustrations in it!!! I had NO clue. I had already loved the book before I saw that but that was the icing on the cake. Here you go:


A quick scan of the inside sketches.


I also received an amazing card which was created by my favorite intern in the world, Laura. Laura has collaborated with me on many designs by creating some of the most amazing embroidery layouts ever. I did a dress for the 100th anniversary celebration of a premiere American department store recently and she took the sketch and reinterpreted it three dimensionally as a beautiful card. It was then signed by everyone with well wishes and love - SO SPECIAL. Here is the card - from Laura's hands to my heart!



Anonymous said...

Aaron, I wish you merry christmas,a happy new year and all the best for your new job.
You are so talented,loveable and good to work with.
Stay as you are!You have such a good heart!!!!
We all miss you so much and hope to visit you as soon as possible in New Nork.
Lots of XXX also for Weezie

Deep Fried said...

How are things going in NYC? Hope all is well. Update us soon.