Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Janice Dickinson not only claims to be the the world's first supermodel, but she even claims to have coined the term. I think the drugs, booze and litany of men have left her in a fog. The term supermodel was coined by a journalist in the 1940's to describe the top models of the day including Anita Colby, Dovima and the true first supermodel, Miss Lisa Fonssagrives. She has more Vogue covers than any other person in history, had a career that spanned 3 decades and has produced some of the most memorable photos in fashion history. Her extreme poses, haughty attitude and angular features have served as a huge influence on my drawing style. Arguably, one of the best ever.


The Space Above the Couch said...

More ballet dancers should work as models. The photographers helped but like Dorian leigh (I'd never heard of a five foot five supermodel before (-:) she knew how to make art with her body.

I couldn't understand Janice or her anger till I just read a little about her childhood trauma. It would be hard for anyone to withstand that kind of childhood abuse and remain sane and without a great deal of rage.

Felicia said...

She's just fantastic and you can't help but adore her I think.