Saturday, October 20, 2007


THE CUPID SHUFFLE is getting a lot of airplay on 107.3 Jamz out of South Carolina. This is one of the few stations that I can listen to abroad because of licensing issues. I love this station because it transports me back to the down-home, full of love feeling that I get when I visit my BELOVED extended family in SC.

The song was originally released in January, but of course, being out in the boondocks, I am just now getting it. This song is soooooo much fun and just makes you want to dance. The sound is so cool mixing southern, old school and black college vibes with a fun dance that is sort of the new electric or cha-cha slide. What I love too is that this is hip-hop purely for having fun - kinda like when I was a kid and we listened to The Fat Boys and Run DMC. It was about partying, dancing and having a good time. I just love it.......

Now go on, admit it, don't you just want to move, shimmy and shake a tail feather listening to this?

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