Wednesday, October 31, 2007


A member of NYC's new moving garden

While waiting in NYC for my return flight to Europe last week, I decided to peruse the urban reading section at the newsstand for a new book. After passing over such classic titles as MAMA-I'M IN LOVE WITH A GANGSTA, LAWD MO' DRAMA, FOREVER A HUSTLER'S WIFE, AROUND THE WAY GIRLS 4, HIP HOP HIGH SCHOOL and the crossover hit, TALK TO THE HAND, I decided that I needed slightly more up-market fare. Now don't get me wrong, everyone can use a little trashy reading every now and then, but I do have my dignity to think about.

So, I landed on 2 very different yet equally interesting titles. NO DISRESPECT was written by rap legend Sistah Souljah. She has been one of the most politically and socially active members of the hip hop generation and in this autobiography recounts important life altering moments and how racism, sexism and classism in the 90's shaped black life. She is also the author of one of my all time favorite novels, THE COLDEST WINTER EVER, which hopefully is still in development with Jada Pinkett Smith as a big screen flick.

The second book is WHAT IS THE WHAT. This is a novel based on the life of Achak Deng - one of the Sudan's lost boys. Forced to leave his home as a child because of war, Deng crosses 3 countries, deserts, avoiding wild animals and militia to finally end up in America where a new life of hope and different problems await him.

I am looking forward to reading both books after I finish HOW TO BE LOST. A novel about a woman who, after believing her whole life that her baby sister was missing and dead, sees a picture in a magazine and believes it to be her sister. She begins a journey to find her her sister and her own truth.

Halfway done, but A good, entertaining read so far.

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