Thursday, October 11, 2007


My absolute favorite artist right now is Fantasia. There is something about this girl that just touches me. Her voice sends chills down my spine and makes my hairs stand on end. The deep emotion and sheer power she conveys is unbelievable. She has a way of connecting to her audience that few others have. There is something so accessible about her because she just reminds you of a family member or the girl down the street. I fell in love with her initially because of her voice, but learning of her overcoming life's difficulties made me connect with her on a deeper level because it adds more meaning to her songs. I love anyone that overcomes hardship, bad decisions and poor self image. She really has blossomed into a beautiful person inside and out. I love that she blends her tough, urban edge with gloss and glam. She has consistently made some of the best R&B songs of the past few years including the song that should net her her first Grammy award, the absolutely gorgeous, WHEN I SEE YOU - my hands-down favorite song of the year:

She has also produced my favorite CD cover this year:

In all her ebony fabulousness

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