Saturday, October 13, 2007


Sometimes you have to just say "Hell No!" Even if it means being slapped in the middle of the street, cold cocked with the butt of a pistol, harassed by an angry mob leaving your skirt to blow up to reveal all your goodness, in prison and then having to work for a spoiled racist, just say "Hell No". Well, life doesn't have to be so dramatic, but the sentiment is the same.

When you are stretched too thin by loved ones, just say it. When you are pooped, need a rest and people still want more from you, just say it. When your boss takes credit for your ideas, just go ahead and say it. When that telemarketer keeps asking if you want to participate in a survey, please, for you and me, just say it. When your family expects more than you have to give, tell them the same damn thing, too.

It is nice to be a giving person, but when it is to your own detriment, commence to serving up a big ole' slice of HELL NO PIE. When you have had enough of people taking and never giving, clutch your pearls, cock your head ever-so-slightly to one side, look them square in their beady little eyes and confidently tell them "HELL NO!!!!". Then turn on your designer heeled feet, and with the gait and confidence of Naomi on a runway, sashay off and say to yourself, "HELL YES!!!".

Miss Sophia, thank you for these indelible words of wisdom.

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