Monday, October 27, 2008


Many designers speak of loving and honoring women and I think that it has become such a cliche', de facto designer quip. What I love about Azzedine is that he, with NO shame, loves and honors that sexual, strong, aggressive and dangerous part of a woman that even some women disdain. Most women that are haters of 'sexy' women are generally unsure or uncomfortable about that part of themselves. They are also uncomfortable with 'those' kinds of women around their men and in some cases are envious of their bravado and freedom. Let's just put it out there, OKAY?!

Azzedine just gets it - and his fans get it too. Their is a palpable sensuality to his clothes - you feel the heat radiating from them. This heat is not only sexual, it is the passion, the intensity and the brilliant technique of the great craftsmen/women who build these feats of architecture as clothing. The draping, the hand finishing, the stitching, the details, the trims all have the grace and assurance of a master's hand. The fit is like no other - these clothes accentuate your best features and add some where you may be lacking. He is known for body conscious, but what I see is all about shape. Shapes that mold to the body and shapes that are built around the body to further enhance it.

His choice of muses speaks to the level of beauty, sexiness, intelligence and accomplishment that he revels in. Naomi Campbell, Veronica Webb, Tina Turner, Grace Jones, Stephanie Seymour - modern day glamazons who fit a beauty standard unparalleled by the waifs of the 90s or the vacant dolly girls of today. This is a warrior woman whose roots are firmly planted in ancient Greece, the plains of Africa and the curves of the future.

After the passing of the master, YSL, I would argue that Azzedine is our greatest living designer. Maybe not the most popular or the most famous - but greatness is not found in how many InStyle pages you grace. Keep doing it Azzedine.

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Anonymous said...

Alaia is a true Fashion original!! In the words of the "Good Times" Audience playback... Right OWN!! Tell 'um Wilona!! er... uhm... Aaron!!!