Friday, October 10, 2008


Found a great post on the Huffington Post where the iconic screen and pop culture sex goddess and quintessential earth mama, Madame Brigitte Bardot, rips Moose Lady a new one. Here, word for word, is the article:

"I hope you lose these elections because that would be a victory for the world," Bardot wrote in an open letter to Republican John McCain's running mate in the November vote.
"By denying the responsibility of man in global warming, by advocating gun rights and making statements that are disconcertingly stupid, you are a disgrace to women and you alone represent a terrible threat, a true environmental catastrophe," wrote Bardot.
The screen icon from the 1960s, who now heads an animal rights foundation, went on to assail Palin for supporting Arctic oil exploration that could jeopardize delicate animal habitats and for dismissing measures to protect polar bears.
"This shows your total lack of responsibility, your inability to protect or simply respect animal life," Bardot wrote.
In a final salvo against Palin, the 74-year-old ex-star picked up on Palin's depiction of herself as a pitbull wearing lipstick and said she "implored" her not to compare herself to dogs.
"I know them well and I can assure you that no pitbull, no dog, nor any other animal for that matter is as dangerous as you are," Bardot wrote.

I love this old broad!!! I was never a fan of her acting, but she sold sex like no other. But I do love her love and desire for political activism. I am not a staunch PETA advocate, but I do value the lives of animals, especially those in danger of extinction. Anytime an old girl like her will go and get arrested for standing up for her beliefs, you gotta give her props. This is a recent pick of her, and yes, the years are showing, but I also see a woman who's beauty and wisdom comes not from the outside, but RADIATES from her huge, lovely, open heart and her amazing life experiences.

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