Monday, October 27, 2008


NOAH'S ARC - JUMPING THE BROOM continues the story of Noah, Alex, Ricky, Chance and Wade and the joys and dramas they share. Noah's Arc was a ground breaking TV show on LOGO - one of cable TV's gay networks. It had been called the black/gay SEX IN THE CITY or the gay male GIRLFRIENDS, but to me, it was much more than that. This was a truer glimpse into the lives of black gay men than we have ever seen on TV. That man that wrote THE DOWN LOW appearing on OPRAH and Cousin Peaches on GIRLFRIENDS just isn't enough. Even though the show was it's highest rated show, LOGO snatched NA off after 2 very successful seasons. This pissed me off as much as when GIRLFRIENDS and HALF & HALF were taken off TV - I am still not over that, people, but back to Noah.

Noah, the center of the bunch, is the adorable, creative, sometimes naive cutie pie with a loving heart, perfect lips and, I won't go there. His friends are Alex, the finger snappin' sissy with a heart of gold partnered with a big ole' fine hunk of a man/baby daddy; Ricky is the hot in the panties former lover/now-best-friend of Noah who is the quintessential queen looking for love in some man's Calvins; Chance is the affluent, highly educated, married, family-man using his stability to cover the fact that he is bordering on a mid-life crisis. Throw in Wade (rhymes with trade), Noah's formerly-straight man who is just now finding his true sexual self and you know that high drama and humor will follow.

The story picks up with Noah and Wade facing their wedding day. Before anyone can unpack a Louis or break out a flute of champagne, the drama ensues. Of course, they have to traverse one another to get to the big day. From relationship drama, to former flings, to botched wedding details - these boys have their hands full. Everyone did a great job but my fave was Alex - I love someone who says FUCK YOU to the haters and firmly grasps his clutch and pushes onward. Alex is all at once hilarious, super compassionate and brave. I also loved Noah's messy fag-hag boss, Brandy. Just check out the series DVD to see how she 'cums' into their lives!

One can look at each character and you are bound to see bits of yourself and/or your friends. I was personally bits of Chance and his husband with a lil' dash of Alex for HA-HAs (watch it Micky!). I have friends who can hang with Ricky and my partner is a little Noah-esque at times. It is very powerful to identify with people in pop culture. Lots of people take this for granted when they have always seen themselves represented. I definitely identify with these folks more than I identify with the spoiled rich kids on GOSSIP GIRL or the trash bags on anything starring Flava Flav and his girl, New York (ughhh).

I commend Patrik-Ian Polk immensely for sharing these characters with his community and the world. I love the fact that NA is unabashedly gay and unabashedly black. THIS very fact is the brilliance of the show and the movie. I pray that this movie is successful - we went to see it at 11am on Saturday morn and the theater was packed with black boys, black men, Latin queens, white boys, black butches, femme lesbians and every iteration of the above. Noah speaks to everyone!!! The following show was already sold out. I hope this success leads to a return of the TV show and a sequel.

Also, GO BUY THE DVDs of NOAH'S ARC the series (seasons 1 & 2). You will be addicted like a crack ho!!! You will hole yourself up at home in your PJs, with the lights out, shades pulled, with a Big Gulp, a family sized bag of Lays, a sleeve of Oreos, phone off the hook......child, I even took my DVDs with me to Athens so that I could watch at night - honey, Noah is fierce international, too!!!

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