Friday, October 31, 2008


Two of my absolute favorite people in the world - Patricia and Yehua. I love these girls dearly. It has been such a blessing for God to put them both in my life. I met each of them in different work experiences where they were my subordinates and we all had the pleasure of working together at the same job.

What is so special about all of our relationships with one another and as a group is the fact that we can work together successfully and maintain friendships. Work and personal relationships are very hard to juggle. But, with these girls, all egos are pushed aside and the love and respect that we have for one another and the project we are working on are put to the forefront. I am older than both of them and I do not allow my age or experience to hinder the blessings I get from them. They are both smart, witty, intuitive, funny and extremely hard working and dedicated. They really inspire me and keep me connected to what the 'it-girls' are up to.

They are both super stylish and creative and are two great natural beauties. Patricia embodies a wonderful tomboyish femininity and has an impeccable eye for style and putting things together. She is also amazingly organized and persistent and keeps me on my toes! Yehua is the young moppet girl about town who is like a sponge for culture and wisdom and can put together a look like no one's business!!! She also has this amazing tall, lanky frame with the natural poise and carriage of a real model from days gone by.

The greatest thing about both of these chicks is that they are gorgeous on the inside and their beauty truly radiates from within. Their parents should be proud. I love these girls!!! They are MY girls.........

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