Friday, October 31, 2008


I went to an ESCADA party tonight at Saks Fifth Avenue. The party was to celebrate Damiano Biella, my friend and former boss and his fresh take on the brand. British it-girl-of-the-moment (cuz there always is one...think Sienna, Amy, Joss) Duffy performed to an adoring crowd sipping on champagne and munching on fashion friendly finger foods. There was a great installation of girls in still-life wearing the newest collection and plenty of pretty people milling about trying to be seen. There was also a slew of wannabes and annoying people trying too damn hard to be fierce. But, that is to be expected in these circles, hell, that IS these circles!
I really enjoyed the evening - it is always good to get out and get dressed up - I actually wore a tie. It was my Italian night - Prada, Dolce and Versace, all black with a dash of silver. I should have documented it but forgot. If you can get me out of cargos and sneakers, you are really doing something.

But anywho, these were my favorite shots of the evening:
Duffy singing her little blonde head off...
Giving sleeves....
Angel in a blue dress....
Fierce girl alert - Marianna - wearing draped goddess gown with crochet fringe - this girl takes me back to the days of a good ole' Geoffrey Beene cabine
One of my new favorites - the one and only Ms. Laura Selfridge - as gorgeous inside as out, intelligent, funny, good style and great sense of humor (and the prettiest, purest face ever)
STUNNING black girl serving sculptural profile and a fierce back breaker pose.
Hat Diva Jennifer - cute girl with great conversation. Her hat was in homage to the recession!!! Work it out!

The grand dame of the evening working a Nigerian ensemble from the Yoruba tribe...and Mother had matching shoes!!! I love it. I spoke to her and she was just lovely and cheerful and glad to be experiencing life. I hope we all can be so fabulous in our elder years. Werk Ma!!!

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