Monday, October 6, 2008


There are a few fashion items that put the toot in my horn:

1) Bikinis
2) Mini-skirts with long legs
3) Thigh high flat boots
4) Shrunken cardigans and pencil skirts
5) Wide leg trousers
6) Double face fabrics (suits and coats)
7) Matte jersey dresses
8) Ballgowns and Ball-skirts
9) Sundresses (especially with big, straw hats and a summer tote)

10) High heels

One of my all time favorite things is a taffeta anything - a taffeta skirt...a taffeta dress...a taffeta blouse...a taffeta opera get the picture.

There is nothing so glamorous as a woman who makes an entrance with the rustle of a huge taffeta skirt or gown. It's as if she comes with her own wind machine, sound effects and applause. I just love it!!!

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