Saturday, November 1, 2008


It seems that Obama's impact and influence touches our brothers and sisters everywhere around the globe. I think the world clearly sees that an Obama American presidency will be better for America and for the world. Our shamanic brothers in Peru think so, too.

I love this clip because I do believe that there are some people in the world who are more in touch with the spiritual world than others. I think a deep spiritual connection is probably untapped in most humans, but some have crossed that barrier and connect through shamanic rituals, some do it through speaking in tongues and some go into deep meditative states. Child, whatever gets you there!

I also believe that this connection can be made with people of all religions. I DO NOT discriminate over religion and believe that God speaks to people in a way that works for them in their culture and in their environment and in their life and it is NOT for me to decide for them. Christianity works for me, but Judaism or Buddhism or ancient shamanic practices may work for others, depending on that person's life. After all, spiritual connection is PERSONAL. I also believe that there are many lessons from different religions from which ALL can learn. There are many lessons of Taoism, Islam, Buddhism and of course Christianity that I look to incorporate into my life. That doesn't in anyway take away from my Christianity, it enhances it. It is pure ignorance, arrogance and close mindedness that makes people believe that God can only be viewed in a singular expression. God is not an exclusive God, he is INCLUSIVE!

Honey, when that man shakes the red skull at Johnny Mack, I go in, baby!!!

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The Space Above the Couch said...

I just finished reading Obama's second book. I think he will be a very great president... He is a brilliant, wise and good man. It is important that he is a symbol of hope, because he will need to inspire countless people to bring about necessary change. I hope he breaks about his dreams of universal health care and quality education for every child.

I was wiping the tears away while we speech after winning... I think there were tears of joy and relief around the globe.