Saturday, November 1, 2008


Designer, and I use that term loosely, Anand Jon Alexander, is on trial for 9 counts of rape and assault (27 total counts) . These counts even include assault and lewd acts against a minor. His alleged victims ranged from age 14 to 21. Closing arguments wrapped on Friday with his defense attorney charging that all 9 women were lying.

Anand is the extremely arrogant wanna-be designer kinda/sorta known for his beaded midriff tops and bell bottoms. He is probably equally known for his love of his own hair which was slightly reminiscent of Fabio or a second tier Chippendale dancer. Funny enough, I actually think he is a very handsome guy, with his dark Indian good looks, but his arrogance made him unbearable. There may have been a bit of a Napolean complex happening also.

In my opinion, this guy was a very lame designer. He was one of those people that was so wrapped up in wanting fame and admiration, that the work was secondary. Maybe terciary.

I don't know if all of these charges are true, but if they are, my heart goes out to all those young women. Apparently, they were all models that he took advantage of because of their youth and desire to work. This is soooo sad. He will get his. God knows, a pretty boy like that going to jail will get lots of attention.

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