Monday, November 24, 2008


It's a little after the fact, but I went with friends to see the CHANEL exhibition in Central Park (thx for the tix, Tiff!) a couple of weeks ago. It was really a mind altering and thought provoking experience that celebrated ideas - new, off the beaten path, twisted and otherwise. I always like to see other artists' interpretations, especially of a subject as iconic as a CHANEL bag.

I LOVED the raspy voice French lady who narrated the gallery tour - mother has seen her share of cigarettes and cocktails!

The actual location was a pod-like , space ship inspired, ergonomic, white kidney bean of a structure that seemed like it had just landed from another planet. The 'Art Container' was just as much a piece of art as all of the installations that it housed. Catch it if it lands in a city near you. The below footage was NOT shot by me - they were not going to take my black ass to jail!


Charles' Chic Chat said...

Wonderful post. I read about the exhibit quite a while agao, when it was first developed. I do hope I get to see it.
On the topic of Chanel, have you seen the 5 part documentary on Chanel. It was done by French television more than a year ago. Its absolutely fascinating!! You must see it. They had the whole thing on YouTube at one time. Definitely check it out.

Charles' Chic Chat said...

I found the link for you to the Chanel documentary episodes: