Saturday, November 1, 2008


I personally love Halloween and I love the NYC Halloween Parade. Unfortunately, I didn't get to go. AWWWWWW!!! But I got to see some peeps in the Village after the parade and I have to say that I was not too impressed with what I saw. I am SURE that there were some amazing costumes, afterall, NYC is usually the most creative city on that front. But, what I saw that was so boring, so uncreative, so mundane, so run of the mill, was the barrage of Sexy Whatever Costumes. The Sexy Whatever Costumes are all a mini, vamped up version of some other mundane costume. They always have garters, thigh high stockings or boots, a mini skirt or hotpants, a bustier or bra top, a shrunken little hat, a miniature, plastic hand prop and an acrylic wig. They always look like costumes from the Bunny Ranch in Reno, if you catch my drift.

In a span of 20 minutes, I saw at least one of the following:

1. Sexy Policewoman
2. Sexy Firefighter
3. Sexy Gold Miner (what the hell!?)
4. Sexy French Maid
5. Sexy Milk Maid
6. Sexy Bavarian girl in dirndl
7. Sexy Witch
8. Sexy Devil
9. Sexy Cowgirl
10. Sexy Sarah Palin (the scariest of the bunch)
11. Sexy Angel
12. Sexy Dominatrix (redundant?)
13. Sexy Lumberjack
14. Sexy Prisoner in stripes
15. Sexy School Teacher
16. Sexy Schoolgirl (a la Britney)
17. Sexy Nurse
Damn, I felt like I needed a cigarette after all that sexiness. They all started to blend together after a while and I was just a bit underwhelmed by the run-of-the-mill-ness of it all. I blame it on Ricky's and all those damn satellite stores that they set up. The convenience of those stores actually works against the creativity that New Yorkers use to strive for (I know I shouldn't end the sentence with a preposition, but this is just a casual post, OK?).

I also blame this on the continual suburbanization of New York. The cool, hip, creative, statement making, singular types that once drove the creative ethos of the city are all being replaced with the uncreative, middle of the road suburbanites that now populate NY's night scene and even the fashion industry. They are the types that inject the word LIKE 10 times into one sentence, sometimes grouped together 2 or 3 at a time. This scares me more than any Halloween costume, even the Sarah Palin ones.

The Chick Magnet - I personally loved this costume - it's cool, minimal, creative and totally tongue in cheek:

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