Sunday, November 2, 2008


Hey guys,

I am off to Philadelphia for 2 days to canvass for the Obama Campaign for Change. Our initiative over the next few days is called GOTV - Get Out The Vote. This campaign has inspired me in ways like no other campaign in history. I have sent money, bought products and given time and cell phone minutes. I have donated because I truly believe in Barack Obama's message. I have the feeling that I will be participating in and contributing to a great time in American and world history. I have friends and acquaintances who will also be going down to help out. Jeffrey, Joshua and Richard will also be hitting the streets to remind people to vote and to make sure they know what to take to the polls on Tuesday.

I come back Monday night for class and then on Tuesday morning.......drumroll......I GO CAST MY VOTE FOR THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES - MR. BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA!!! For the past 2 years, I have been dreaming of the day that I pull that big metal lever. I will leave the polls and go directly to a phone bank to continue the drive to get people out to the polls.

I sincerely hope that you guys all get out and cast your ballot to change the course that our country is on right now. We cannot allow this to slip through our hands. Barack's win will be our win. We will then have the proof that HOPE is real and that by hoping and through action, we can truly make our dreams come true. This will only be the beginning. My next post will be a celebration of A HISTORY MAKING VOTE!!!

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