Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Birds of a feather flock together.

I love a good proverb/idiom/saying.

I love the proverbial meaning, but I also love the literal meaning. I have some friends who HATE everything about birds. They think they are evil with their dirty feathers, aggressive and threatening squawking and their lethal beaks and talons. I personally LOVE birds. Birds, like flowers, butterflies, exotic fish and reptiles and even some insects, are some of God's most perfectly beautiful and colorful handiwork. The perfection of a bird's coloring; the mad mix of textures - sleek, stark, brisk slices of feathers on top with delicate, warming fluff underneath; hard, aerodynamic and purposeful beaks; collapsible wings that spread to take flight.....they are aesthetic and practical perfection. There are colors in nature that you just can't mix or replicate in some ole' dye vat....brilliant color combinations that YSL, Pantone and no damn body else could ever conceive.

It is absolutely awe inspiring to think about the beauty and perfection of nature. We take it for granted living in our cities of cement and stone (literally and figuratively). Being a lover of design and creativity has made me truly realize that nature is the ultimate runway...the ultimate atelier...the ultimate couturier salon. I love that we as creative people have such a rich font from which to be inspired.


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You know they have Salma standing on a stool underneath all that dress. Ella es muy corta!