Thursday, November 13, 2008


My friends and I just had a very important that is of the utmost importance. That question is which designer Michelle Obama should align herself with going forward. Yes, we are facing a meltdown of the American auto industry, a deep world recession and unprecedented unemployment. But, we do need a little levity and there is always a place for creativity and self expression. When one looks and feels confident and in charge, other's perception of them could shift in their favor.

It was always assumed that Michelle will have to focus on American designers to show her patriotism. My friends and I had tossed about Oscar de la Renta (too associated with Republicans), her current designer du jour, Maria Pinto (good, but not high profile enough in my book) and Carolina Herrera (sometimes too nondescript) but we sort of had a consensus with DONNA KARAN.

Donna happens to be one of MY ALL TIME FAVORITE DESIGNERS and one of the biggest influences on my aesthetic. I had been saying for so long that Donna needs to get her hands on Michelle's curves. Donna 'gets' her body type and would be able to work wonders with her. I see Michelle in Donna's jerseys, her double crepes and double faces, all topped off with a double face cashmere coat - I'm getting goose bumps. I do not see her in all that drapey, esoteric stuff from this coming Spring 09 season, though. Go for sensual, sculpturally tailored hand of Donna which was not on the runway, but will probably be in the stores. Or, hit the archives for inspiration from this stellar collection from Spring 1995:

And then, by golly, I open up WWD online this morning and Mother Karan is putting her designer pitch out there:

WWD - DONNA’S DREAM TICKET: Donna Karan would like to be part of the Obama transition team — apparel division. During a visit to Los Angeles this week to open her latest Urban Zen wellness and retail outpost, the designer said she would jump at the chance to dress the future first lady, Michelle Obama. “I think [Obama] would be divine — she has so much of her own style, I would love to dress her,” Karan said. “It’s not about her clothes, it’s really about who she is, and her passion for children, culture and wellness. I’m hoping to get to work with them — it would be my dream. They are so committed to ideals that are much in alignment with mine.”

I sincerely hope she takes her up on her offer - it would truly be MAJOR. Michelle really is the embodiment of Donna's whole strong, feminine, sensual, assertive and modern woman. This could be a match made in fashion heaven.

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