Friday, November 21, 2008


In honor of this dreadful, dry-skin causin', too-cold ass weather we are having, I am spotlighting CHIC 70's FURS today!!!

These girls are ready for the hawk (my dad's old school Southern phraseology for freezing cold weather) and the runway. In luscious shades of tawny, camel, russet and beige, they are indeed bringing chicness back. I am so sick of the Gossip Girl-esque look right now, I could spit. The Gossip Girl look is the spin-off of the Sex in the City look which is equally annoying. It is like they all raided the contemporary floor at Bloomingdales, shopped feverishly at Forever 21, picked up a shit load of Claire's Boutique accessories and then threw everything on at once. I could truly use some sophistication, rich textures, good proportion and a woman who understands and embraces good taste. This is about a lushness and mix of textures and hues that is light years beyond the over ruffled, too short, too juvenile styles that we see all too often.
These girls deserve a Chic Cheer:


MB said...

i live for the simplicity of 70's chic!!!!! so rich so expensive in look.

Charles' Chic Chat said...

Oh YES, Aaron!!! I agree with you 100000%. I am so tired of this insiped epidemic. Its so overdone and its not even a good enough tredn to overdo! I too long for the days of simple lines and rich textures. I am doing a whole new line dedicated to just such. Drama was achieved by the simplicity, not by the excess. Remember how dramatic a cream Halston pantsuit or charmeuse caftan was!!! Then top that with flor length red fox coat from Revillon! Oh Lord! Now thats real chic. Nan Kempner, Mica Ertegun, Marisa Berenson, Pat Cleveland Chic!

Anonymous said...

LOVE that photo of Apollonia Van Ravenstien!! in head to to beige!!! Just 70's DOWN!!! Simple, Simple, SIMPLE!!! Women looked like WOMEN, not some too thin, sucked out yet, plumped up faced doll! AMAZING!