Wednesday, November 5, 2008

WE DID IT!!!!!

My vote!!!!!

My 2 hour wait was well worth it!!!

I cannot begin to tell you the overwhelming feeling of joy and hope that I am feeling right now. I am so happy that we have chosen a great man to be our next president. I truly believe that this man will usher in a new era. I believe that America and the world are ready for this change. I am so excited to see him in action because I really believe he is special. I have always said that this election could really be the turning point for the direction that the world goes - it could be positive and progressive with Barack or it could be worse than Bush with McCain/Palin.

Josh and Aaron at volunteering at NE Philly office.
Our NYC crew - Paul, Colleen, Jen, Esma and me (Josh is taking the pic!).

Working the phone banks.


One of the most amazing things that has come about because of Barack's amazing run is the UNITY of so many different people. I just returned from volunteering in Philly where I saw hundreds of volunteers coming together for the task at hand. We were literally a mini United Nations at work. We were old, young, middle age, black, white, Asian, Indian, Latin, bi-racial, fat, skinny, short, tall, gay, straight, married, single, hitched, Christian, Muslim, atheist, Catholic and every combination of the above. There were immigrants who could vote and immigrants who could not vote. There were high school kids who couldn't vote but wanted to do their part. The hard work and organization of all of these people was so enlightening and inspiring. When I see pics of the celebrations of this historic win from the streets of America and around the world, I get so excited because, finally, people get it. There was a desire and need, spoken and unspoken, and Barack will be the catalyst to fulfill that need.

I am so proud of him as a black man. I would have supported this man if he were purple, but the fact that he is black touches a special place in my heart. Many blacks had completely given up on politics and believed that their voice did not count. Barack has inspired these people to get involved, to participate and to believe again that the struggles of our forefathers would pay off. Seeing Barack with his BEAUTIFUL family - his gorgeous wife and adorable daughters - means more than you know to little black children and teens. To see themselves in the Whitehouse will inspire a generation of black kids to excel like never before.

The Obama family will also inspire a new sense of style in America. They are such a photogenic, young and modern family and the days of stuffy old lady suits is gone. Barack's cool, calm and collected demeanor and Michelle's amazing grace, eloquence and strength will be a breath of fresh air for the world. As a purveyor of style, I do go to the aesthetics of it all too. I cannot wait to see Michelle in action as the First Lady - she will be the greatest since Rosalyn Carter and Jackie Kennedy. I am waiting for the first meeting of First Lady Michelle Obama and First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. Now that is going to be FIERCE!!!!!

The Obama kids are so gorgeous and I see them developing into a real stunning, poised and influential young ladies. I doubt we will have the drunk driving, partying and drugs of past first kids.

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