Saturday, November 1, 2008


These Dreams - Heart

I absolutely loved this song - it brings back memories of American Bandstand on Saturday afternoons (after Soul Train, of course). It makes me think of going to the $1 movie theater with my friends and thinking we were so mature. It makes me think of the FUN we had raking leaves, washing cars and having bake sales to raise money for the school. Honey, Barack would be proud, I was class president - a bit of a community organizer myself!

I went to a 95% white school in the suburbs from grades K - 8, so my tastes and interests varied more than those of my black friends in my neighborhood. I was constantly told that I thought I was white, I thought I was better than other people, I was an oreo, etc, etc, etc. But I loved who I was. I loved being diverse and open and able to be in any crowd. To me, I thought a great song by Heart was as cool as a great song by Atlantic Starr. I love knowledge and to me, even at that age, knowledge was color free.

Girls, sang this song and work that huge hair.......

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